Flash Ratings Falter As Season Finale Approaches

After a week which saw CW’s The Flash hit a recent high-water mark on the strength of Kevin Smith‘s directorial debut on the show, ratings fell off slightly for this week’s episode, “Invincible”.

Preliminary ratings for the show have it scoring 3.35 million viewers for the night, placing third in its time slot behind NCIS and The Voice. The Flash continued its long-running streak of leading the pack for the CW for Tuesday night, and in edging out competing comic book drama Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Flash Ratings Trend 5-18-16The show has never managed to completely recover from the two extensive hiatuses taken between between February and March and again between March and April. Although ratings have managed to typically tick up week-to-week, the show has failed to gain momentum due to audience uncertainty as to when to catch new episodes.

Despite all of this, The Flash remains CW’s highest-rated show, and its success led the Warner Brothers-owned network to continue adding to it’s super-hero lineup, acquiring Supergirl from CBS for next season last week.

Ratings should see a significant spike for next week’s season finale, and this week’s still have time to be adjusted. Last week’s episode saw a late adjustment up from 3.48 million to 3.52 million viewers, so it’s likely that a similar spike is coming for the penultimate episode.

For context, you can review the complete season ratings below.

Episode 1: “The Man Who Saved Central City” – 3.58 million

Episode 2: “Flash of Two Worlds” – 3.49 million

Episode 3: “Family of Rogues” – 3.47 million

Episode 4: “The Fury of Firestorm” – 3.43 million

Episode 5: “The Darkness and the Light” – 3.87 million

Episode 6: “Enter Zoom” – 3.64 million

Episode 7: “Gorilla Warfare” – 3.46 million

Episode 8: “Legends of Today” – 3.94 million

Episode 9: “Running to a Standstill” – 3.55 million

Episode 10: “Potential Energy” – 3.41 million

Episode 11: “The Reverse-Flash Returns” – 3.71 million

Episode 12: “Fast Lane” – 3.66 million

Episode 13: “Welcome to Earth-2” – 3.96 million

Episode 14: “Escape from Earth-2” – 3.90 million

Episode 15: “King Shark” – 3.80 million

Episode 16: “Trajectory” – 3.0 million

Episode 17: “Flash Back” – 3.39 million

Episode 18: “Versus Zoom” – 3.03 million

Episode 19: “Back to Normal” – 3.39 million

Episode 20: “Rupture” – 3.34 million

Episode 21: “Runaway Dinosaur” – 3.52 million

Episode 22: “Invincible” – 3.35 million


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