“Five Weapons #2”: Still Waters Run Deep

Five Weapons #2 Image Comics (w)(a) Jimmie Robinson
Image Comics
(w)(a) Jimmie Robinson

It’s amazing that a book like 5 Weapons, one so colorful and fun, can manage to touch on so many social issues without once feeling preachy or sanctimonious. However, as we start to delve deeper into story and character motivation Jimmie Robinson manages to deftly yet casually touch upon issues like bullying or immigration and use them as plot points and backstory without getting mired in their politics.

This month, our hero continues his immersion into 5 Weapons Accademy, angering staff and student body alike by his resistance to conformity. Yet Enrique confronts the school bully (and in a school where weapons are encouraged—nay, mandatory—this is no small spat) and in so doing manages to find a commonality with those he might otherwise have little in common. The plot moves along more quickly than I first anticipated, hinting at a deeper storyline and richer backstory. Not to mention, in a world where role models and educators not only cover up but actively condone erroneous behavior it’s nice to see perception, honesty, and intellect win the day .