First Look At “Age Of Ultron #5”

Things are getting rough for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in Marvel’s Age of Ultron, which will see its final issue with Bryan Hitch on art duties when issue five drops this April. Marvel’s heroes will be scrounging the Savage Land for any way to survive Ultron’s robotic onslaught and turn the tide of war, but is this just delaying the inevitable? Find out in “Age of Ultron #5” this April and the subsequent issues following it.

You can check out a preview of “Age of Ultron #5” and read Marvel’s official press release below

“Age of Ultron #5” Cover



This April, the fight against the mechanical menace Ultron has reached a fever pitch in “Age Of Ultron #5,” courtesy of the blockbuster creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch! The few remaining members of Earth’s Mightiest must head to the Savage Land in the hopes of finding a way to survive and turn the tide of war! But with half of the heroes dead, are they enough to stop Ultron?

With the robotic revolution in full force, no fan can miss how Age of Ultron will ultimately change the Marvel Universe leaving no hero or villain unscathed! So what are you waiting for? Head on over to your local comic shop and reserve a copy of “Age of Ultron #5!”



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