Easter Eggs You May Have Missed in BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE

Yesterday marked the official digital release of Warner Brothers’ Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition. The new edition included over thirty minutes of additional content not included in the theatrical release. With a total run time of close to three hours, director Zack Snyder managed to pack in quite a bit of extra footage.

While much of the new content was extended versions of existing scenes, the Ultimate Edition did drop some neat easter eggs for observant fans.

Lex Luthor’s Prisoner Number

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The Ultimate Edition offers an extended version of the meeting between Batman and Luthor from the film’s closing minutes. In the scene, Lex is addressed by his prisoner number by an unnamed guard. The number is given as “Prisoner AC231940”. While the number doesn’t match the one printed on his prison jump suit, it’s a nice nod to Lex’s origins.

Lex Luthor first appeared in the pages of Action Comics, specifically issue #23, published in 1940. This version of Luthor, like that portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg, didn’t yet sport the trademark bald head.  Instead Lex is shown with shocking red hair, something included in Zack Snyder’s version of the character.


The Origin of Cyborg

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Some of the coolest moments of the film were snippets of characters from the upcoming Justice League film. While the shots of Flash and Aquaman were short, they weren’t nearly as disturbing as those showing Cyborg. Featuring actor Joe Morton (who seems bound and determined to unleash the cyborg apocalypse on humanity) the scene showed Victor’s father, Silas, using alien technology to save his son. The artifact is referred to as “US Gov Object 6-19-82”. This is a reference not to the first appearance of Cyborg or even the first appearance of a Mother Box. Cyborg first appeared in 1980 and the Mother Box was introduced in 1971. Instead, the reference is to the first time Cyborg’s origin was committed to the page, which came in June of 1982 in of “Tales of the New Teen Titans #1.”

Tales of the New Teen Titans #1


Did we miss any other cool easter eggs? Let us know in the comments!


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