Dynamite to Publish New Ongoing Series Featuring Chaos! Character Purgatori

Do you guys remember comic books in the ’90s? The hair! The banter! The WRIST CUFFS. Not only did the ’90s bring about the creation of many superheroes (and some super interesting crotch detail), but it also brought about the birth of company Chaos! Comics, a line so quintessentially ’90s they unfortunately only lasted until about 2003. Publisher of many horror/comic nerd’s dream, such as comics featuring bands like Megadeath and wrestlers from the WWE, Chaos! became most notable for its specific array of metal-video-model-come-to-life goddesses such as Lady Death and Purgatori.

Purgatori, an Egyptian slave girl turned wife of the Queen of Alexadria, turned scorned vengeful vampire, turned apple of Lucifer’s eye, is a red-skinned, demonic winged-vampire and anti-hero. Although she originally debuted in the pages of the more popular Lady Death, she eventually became a fan favorite and spawned her own series by Chaos! Comics and Devil’s Due Publishing once they bought the rights after Chaos!’ demise. Now, thanks to Dynamite Entertainment (who bought the rights to the Chaos! characters in 2010), Purgatori will once again be the subject of her own ongoing series. Featuring the creative team of writer and confessed “teenage metal head” Aaron Gillespie and artist Javier Garcia Miranda, the new series finds Purgatori once again trapped in hell and attempting to outwit Lucifer in order to gain her freedom.


In an official press release from Dynamite Entertainment this week, Gillespie said: “As a teenage metal head, I was instantly drawn to the first Chaos! line. They were dangerous and alluring and I was sure that my mom would take them away if she ever found them. Just too many blood splatters and scantily clad ladies for her taste. But that just made me want them even more! Of all the characters, Purgatori was my hands-down favorite, so getting a chance to work on this new version has been a real dream come true.”

To all the nervous, twitching, Purgatori purists out there, Gillespie had this to say: “I’m having a blast updating the character and promise to keep the same balls to the wall, take no prisoners storytelling that made Chaos! what it was.”

And according to Gillespie, even if you’re new to the character, you will enjoy this book: “If you’re new to this crazy universe, I can promise it won’t take long to get hooked on the vampire goddess!”

Fair enough. The new Purgatori series, appropriately titled Purgatori, will debut from Dynamite Entertainment sometime this September. I added my favorite of the alternative cover previews above, but you can check out the rest of the practically NSFW covers below.