Fantastic Four villain Doctor Doom may be getting his own film

Fantastic Four villain Doctor Doom will be getting his own film from Fox Studios it seems.

Word from San Diego Comic Con’s Legion creator Noah Hawley is that he’s developing a Doctor Doom movie. He made the comment during his SDCC panel for FX’s Legion, which he is currently show running. This would be the fourth attempt at a Fantastic Four movie in the past 10 years. It will also be the fourth appearance of the character.

Their first attempt came in 2005 featuring Jessica Alba and future Captain America Chris Evans as brother and sister. The now titular villain was played in that film by Julian McMahon. He would reprise the role in the sequel, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

The 2015 reboot of the movie also featured the villain, this time played by Toby Kebbell.

All three films had mixed reviews but the fan reaction was largely negative.

His work on Legion and Fargo Season 3 has been very well received. He may be the one to save the franchise for Fox.

In the comics, Dr. Doom is a the totalitarian ruler of the fictional country Latveria. He uses his genius level intellect to solve the country’s problems and most of them love him for it. His rule is somewhat marred by the fact that he has a metal mask to cover up his disfigurement. This has made him something of a tyrant. The Fantastic Four have spent years trying to bring him down.

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