Did Dan Slott Accidentally Unmask Superior Spider-Man?

** It’s possible that there might be SPOILERS AHEAD (maybe). **

Writer Dan Slott may have spilled the “Who is Superior Spider-Man” beans in a message to artist Ryan Stegman via Twitter. The tweet was deleted quickly after it had been sent, but Comic Book Therapy managed to get a screenshot of it.

** Last chance to avoid POTENTIAL SPOILERS**

The tweet read, “@RyanStegman Think we need a patch on Page 19. There’s a thing Miguel can do with his eyes. I’ll send you a ref. DM [Direct Message] me back when you get this.”

“Miguel” seems like it could be in reference to Miguel O’Hara, better known as the alternate universe titular hero from Spider-Man 2099. Assuming this tweet was the real McCoy, Miguel O’Hara could potentially be time travelling to the main Marvel 616 universe (which is not too farfetched when you consider the premise of Bendis’ All-New X-Men launching in early November). Marvel certainly hasn’t shied away from using Miguel in the recent past, having him become a cast member of the dimension-hopping team known as The Exiles. Could it be a current 616 version of Miguel O’Hara that becomes the Superior Spider-Man, perhaps? Or could it be a character named Miguel who is unrelated to Spider-Man 2099 altogether? These questions and more have surfaced in the short time since the tweet went public, but it’s always important to remember that Dan Slott is notorious for misdirection. Whether or not he created this Twitter mishap as a red herring to put speculating fans on the wrong trail or if this was a genuine goof remains to be seen.

Upon some light reading in the Spider-Man 2099 link I posted above, however, I did notice two things. One: Miguel O’Hara’s powers included retractable feet-talons. As shown in the concept art released a few weeks back, Superior Spider-Man may have feet talons as well. Coincidence? Secondly: Miguel O’Hara happens to be a character of Hispanic decent. With the ever-growing popularity of Ultimate Marvel’s Miles Morales, also a Spider-Man of Hispanic decent, could Superior Spider-Man be an attempt by Marvel to try and recreate a portion of what made Ultimate Spider-Man popular among fans?
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