Ratings Decline Led to Agent Carter Cancellation

It was announced yesterday that Agent Carter, starring Hayley Attwell, has been canceled.  If you spend some time on any type of social media you’ve seen backlash from the fans.  The fans are not happy with ABC’s decision.  When it comes down to it, the ratings simply weren’t there to support the continued production of Agent Carter.

Could this cancellation have been avoided?  It is possible.  As someone that enjoyed the show, I was also disappointed by the news.  Then I started to look at the rating.  They made sense with the structure of the show.  The plot wasn’t constantly moving, pulling you in one week from the next.  This led to a steady decline in the ratings from one week to the next.

I do believe that Agent Carter could have benefited from becoming a Netflix series.  It would have allowed viewers to binge watch the series in the same way they have with Daredevil and Jessica Jones.  While that’s a great idea in hindsight, it’s not something that can happen now.  Hayley Attwell has already committed to a new series.  She cannot be replaced at Peggy Carter either.  Attwell has played this character in the television series as well as in the cinematic universe.

The presence of Agent Carter will be missed amongst the Marvel television series lineup.

Here are the complete ratings for the Agent Carter series.

Season 1:

Episode 1: “Now is Not the End” 6.91 million viewers

Episode 2: “Bridge and Tunnel” 6.91 million viewers

Episode 3: “Time and Tide” 5.10 million viewers

Epidsode 4: “The Blitzkrieg Button” 4.63 million viewers

Episode 5: “The Iron Ceiling” 4.20 million viewers

Episode 6: “A Sin to Err” 4.25 million viewers

Episode 7: “Snafu” 4.15 million viewers

Episode 8: “Valediction” 4.02 million viewers

Season 2:

Episode 1: “The Lady in the Lake” 3.18 million viewers

Episode 2: “A View in the Dark” 3.18 million viewers

Episode 3: “Better Angels” 2.90 million viewers

Episode 4: “Smoke & Mirrors” 2.77 million viewers

Episode 5: “The Atomic Job” 2.66 million viewers

Episode 6: “Life of the Party” 2.39 million viewers

Episode 7: “Monsters” 2.39 million viewers

Episode 8: “The Edge of Mystery” 2.50 million viewers

Episode 9: “A Little Song and Dance” 2.50 million viewers

Episode 10: “Hollywood Ending” 2.35 million viewers

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