Deadpool 2099 Will Alternate Between Story Arks in the Current Deadpool Series

Deadpool-6-Cover-2It looks like Gwenpool won’t be the only new female Deadpool related character to receive some attention from Marvel after their first comic book appearance as it seems we are about to see a whole lot more of the Merc from the future, Deadpool 2099.

After her debut appearance in Deadpool #6, Warda Wilson aka Deadpool 2099, will be featured in Gerry Duggan and Scott Koblish’s ongoing Deadpool series in single-issue stories set in-between the main story arcs of the series.

“We had a lot of fun with it, and I’m hoping readers will be surprised with how much connective tissue this arc shares with our current ongoing story,” Duggan told CBR. “There was too much story for just one issue to contain. Too many secrets to reveal, and too many new ideas and characters to introduce… or re-introduce. Deadpool 2099 is a family affair. See you in the future.”

Warda Wilson is the future daughter of Wade Wilson/Deadpool and his succubus bride Shiklah. Her creation is based on the classic Marvel 2099 comic line from the 90s that introduced future cyberpunk versions of Marvel characters like Spider-Man, Doctor Doom, and many more.

The first Deadpool 2099 story will be in Deadpool #12 which will be released sometime later this year. Some of Scott Koblish’s designs for Deadpool 2099 can be seen below.

Deadpool #7, the next issue of Duggan and Koblish’s run, will be an oversized issue celebrating the 25th anniversary of the character and will hit stands on February 10 just in time for the release of the Deadpool Movie on February 12.

Source- Comic Book Resources

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