Arguably the movie rumour of the year surfaced recently, causing angry debate and the odd nerdgasm from fanboys world-wide after the Latino Review‘s latest scoop regarding the rumours surrounding Warner’s DC Movies franchises.

We already know the man behind the silver screen adaptations of Watchmen and 300, Zack Snyder is at the directing helm for Man of Steel. He is backed by DC movie veteran and writer/director of the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Dark Knight trilogy, Christopher Nolan. According to LR and a few other blog sites, this isn’t the pair’s only involvement with Warner’s comic movie franchises.

The run down on the rumours in question:

  • Christopher Nolan, mastermind behind the hugely successful Dark Knight trilogy is now in charge of the entire DC “Movieverse”
  • On top of directing Man of Steel, LR are suggesting Zack Snyder has been asked to direct the upcoming Justice League movie.
  • With the first Justice League script being scrapped, LR are suggesting David S Goyer (Man of Steel & Dark Knight trilogy writer) has been brought in to re-write with Snyder at the helm
  • LR have suggested that Christian Bale, star of Nolan’s epic Batman trilogy may reprise his role in the upcoming ‘Justice League’  and have even suggested that a Superman/Batman or World’s Finest picture may surface!

Now, as exciting as these possibilities may be , they are also extremely surprising, given their potential impact on what has been, to this point, a somewhat directionless DC cinematic slate.

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