DC Bullet Points 1/29/13

Presenting you the latest in DC Entertainment news for the week!

ImageVariety is reporting that Warner Bros is holding on to the Justice League movie to see how the newest Superman movie, Man of Steel, will do at the box office. This would push the earliest release date for the film to 2015 and puts a halt on all aspects of pre-production. So regardless of who you want to see in the lineup for a Justice League movie, Warner Bros want to see your support for Superman first.


In other interesting news from DC’s parent company, Kevin Tsujihara has been named the CEO of Warner Bros. How will this far for the DC Entertainment brand? Quite possibly good. Tsujihara oversaw the recent direct to DVD productions of highly praised animated DC movies such as Superman/Doomsday, Batman: Under the Red Hood, and Justice League: The New Frontier. This news, along with hearing about the delay for the Justice League movie, shows that Warners is sincere about wanting to make a slate of films that could compete with the Marvel brand at the box office. Tsujihara’s experience with DC will prove to be very influential with that direction.

News from the recent Arizona Comic Con on the DC side included a possible crossover for The Flash in the pages of I, Vampire. Unfortunately, I, Vampire was cancelled before the two worlds could collide. It was also revealed by the DC Comics panel that Savage Hawkman will end its current run.

ImageSadly, both the animated Young Justice and Green Lantern series that appear on Cartoon Network are cancelled. Showrunner Giancarlo Volpe confirmed this Tuesday on Twitter. And if you were looking forward to Amazon, a Smallville take on Wonder Woman, to appear on The CW, hold your breath for a little longer. The CW has decided to give Amazon more time to develop and possibly be slated for either a mid-season pick up or wait until next fall to look at the series.

Rob Liefeld continued to spark rumors of upcoming DC titles, although he has long since departed from the company. On Twitter, Rob stated to “Look for a Red Robin, Martian Manhunter, Superman/Batman, DC Comics Presents, and Brave and Bold to enter the 52 arena sooner than later.” Considering that planning for comics takes some time to develop, he may not be too far off in his outlook, but this should still be considered the words of a former employee and should be taken with a grain of salt.