REVIEW: “Daredevil #12” Has Something For Everyone

"Daredevil #12" (w) Mark Waid (a) Chris Samnee Marvel Comics $2.99
“Daredevil #12”
(w) Mark Waid
(a) Chris Samnee
Marvel Comics

Like the wind blowing a high entropy pile of sand into a photo-realistic representation of the Château de Chambord, Mark Waid took blind lawyer Matt Murdock from the perpetual face-palm that was Shadowland to the can’t miss tour de force known as Daredevil. This book is equal parts smart and fun, and if you aren’t current on the series buy the first dozen issues, reserve a plane ticket toyour nearest mountain top, and prepare to proclaim your love to the villages below.

Fast forwarding to the most recent issue of the series, “Daredevil #12” manages to do what many long-standing superhero books cannot—serve as an easily accessible jumping point for the uninitiated.

The character moments between Matt and new fling Kirsten McDuffie are the selling point of this story, as well as a no holds barred mock trial between Matt, Foggy, and a disgruntled college professor. Interestingly, Matt’s vigilante persona does not make an appearance in this issue, so if you’re expecting a great deal of WHAMS, POWS, and other assorted onomatopoeia, issue #12 isn’t the perfect example of the non-stop action we’ve come to expect. However, if you are the type of person who can go four seconds without a Michael Bay-esqe explosion you should find the dialog as charming as I did.

The artwork manages to be reminiscent of the previous artists’ work without completely biting their style, and while a little cartoon-like for my taste, new artist Samnee has a masterful ability to tell the story through his pencils. His facial expressions are simply dead-on. Without spoiling too much, there is a scene in which McDuffie attempts to get Matt to admit he really is Daredevil, and the tension in Matt’s face is absolutely palpable. It remains to be seen how he’ll handle the full-scale slug fests we’ve seen in previous issues, but if this issue is any indication, Samnee will be sure not to disappoint.

If you fancy yourself a comic enthusiast, it’s not enough for me to simply recommend this book. I’m urging you to do the right thing by adding this series to your pull list! The artwork pops. The pacing is impeccable. It almost makes you wish you were a blind crime fighter if only it wouldn’t get in the way of all your comic book reading (Do they make comic books with brail? I do not know.)

On a side note, after re-reading this issue there is in fact a small explosion of sorts in one of the last panels. Something for everyone!