CW Teases Massive Supergirl/Flash/Arrow/Legends Crossover

The CW is wasting no time in capitalizing on its acquisition of Supergirl from sister network CBS, and it appears that a massive four-night crossover event is coming to televisions this fall.

This past season, the CW had three nights of the week led by superheroes. The Flash led off on Tuesdays, followed by Arrow on Wednesdays, and Legends of Tomorrow batted clean-up on Thursdays. With the addition of Supergirl on Mondays, the network now has four out of five primetime nights opened by characters from DC Comics. More than sharing a network, those characters share a universe (or at least a multiverse), something which the CW intends to utilize to its fullest extent. At the annual upfronts meeting today, CW honcho Jeff Pedowitz stated that the coming season’s crossover will be “our biggest one ever.”

Past crossovers have been a huge ratings boon for the CW’s superhero shows. The first time that Arrow and Flash crossed over resulted in a massive forty-eight percent bump for Arrow, and a twenty-five percent booth for Flash. The second crossover event between Flash and Arrow, which set up the new Legends of Tomorrow series, was even bigger. That crossover resulted in a thirteen percent bump for the Scarlet Speedster and an immense thirty-eight percent spike for the Emerald Archer. The two-network crossover between Supergirl and Flash saw the flagging numbers for the Girl of Steel bounce by a startling nineteen percent.

Clearly fans love seeing their heroes on the same screen together. Pedowitz is wisely positioning the network to take full advantage of the huge, interconnected multiverse which they’ve constructed. The broader experiment in connecting four shows on the same network over four consecutive nights will be an intriguing one to observe. It has never been attempted in television history, and could help drive the network to new heights.



Josh Epstein

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