Megahex, “Lose #6,” and Distance Mover Creators Plan U.S. Tour

To celebrate the release of their new indie comic titles, cartoonists Simon Hanselmann (Megahex, Fantagraphics Books), Michael DeForge (“Lose #6,” Koyama Press) and Patrick Kyle (Distance Mover, Koyama Press) are leaving their native Australia and Canada to head out on a cross-country tour of the United States. Starting at Atomic Books in Baltimore, MD and ending at the Fantagraphics Bookstore in Seattle, WA, the tour will include appearances/signings by all creators as well as some special guests along with the sale of exclusive merchandise including a specially made tour poster collaborated on by the trio.

You can check out tour dates along with info about each comic below.


9.12.14 7:00 PM Baltimore, MD—Atomic Books

9.13-9.14.14 All Day Bethesda, MD—SPX

9.15.14 6:00 PM Charlottesville, VA—Telegraph Gallery

9.16.14 7:00 PM Philadelphia, PA—Locust Moon Comics

9.20.14 8:00 PM Brooklyn, NY—Bergen Street Comics

9.21.14 All Day Brooklyn, NY—Brooklyn Book Fest

9.23.14 7:00 PM Manhattan New School

9.24.14 7:00 PM Pittsburgh, PA—Copacetic Comics

9.27.14 9:00 PM Columbus, OH—Kafe Kerouac

9.30.14 7:00 PM Chicago, IL—Quimby’s

10.2.14 5:00 PM Minneapolis, MN—Boneshaker Books

10.4.14 TBD Las Vegas, NV

10.5.14 5:00 PM Los Angeles, CA—Secret Headquarters

10.7.14 5:00 PM San Francisco, CA—Mission Comics

10.9.14 Portland, OR—Floating World Comics

10.11.14 6:00 PM Seattle, WA—Fantagraphics Bookstore

About Megahex:

Megg (a green-skinned witch), Mogg (a black cat), and Owl (an anthropomorphic owl) are a trio of ne’er-do-well roommates cohabiting in a suburban flophouse. Megg and Mogg spend most of their time smoking pot and having sex, while Owl works various office jobs and usually comes home to find himself as the butt of every joke. Behind the crass stoner humor are the misanthropic lives of these characters. They all possess tragedies that weigh on their shoulders, keeping them from escaping the nihilistic pit into which they’ve fallen. Equally funny and melancholic, Hanselmann is able to evoke empathy for his characters, making it easy for readers to fall in love with this disdainful bunch. Part Tennessee Williams, part Peter Bagge, Megahex will make people laugh, cry, and then want to take a shower.

About “Lose #6”:

“Lose #6” is the latest installment in Michael DeForge’s one-person short story anthology series. Hailed as the next Daniel Clowes or Chris Ware, DeForge is cartooning’s brightest young star, and Lose is a standalone showcase for his talents.

About Distance Mover:

Mr. Earth can move incredible distances in his improbable Distance Mover, a wondrous vehicle that reflects the fantastic world it traverses. He, and his young art-star protégée Mendel, explore culture-rich crystalline cities, challenge the mighty Council of the Misters, try to overcome the all-conquering Ooze, and much more!