Comics Legend Peter Milligan returns to Vertigo for a new crime thriller, The Names

NAMES_Cv1_5397683413b618.99973356-198x300Milligan teams up with renowned artist Leandro Fernandez on this tale of one woman taking on the power and corruption underlying Wall Street as she seeks the answers behind her husband’s death. Her search for the truth reveals secrets about herself, her husband, and the powerful, mysterious organization known only as The Names.

“It’s a story about money. It’s a story about power. It’s a story about one 25 year old woman who goes up against that money and power.” – Peter Milligan

In an interview with DC ALL ACCESS, writer Peter Milligan gives us some insight into the series, and we get a sneak peek at some interior art.

If you enjoy 100 BulletsLazarus, or crime dramas drenched in red, this sounds like a title you should pre-order for September!

From the Press Release:

Today, Vertigo announced a new 8-issue comic book miniseries arriving this September called THE NAMES. Written by the legendary Peter Milligan with art by Leandro Fernandez, this fast paced and exciting new series set in New York City follows the wife of trader Kevin Walker after his apparent suicide.

THE NAMES is a dark, contemporary thriller set in the world of Big Money: hedge funds, leveraged buyouts, market raids, flash crashes. High-end finance that can ruin entire economies, run by a cabal of the world’s richest (and sickest) people.

Now, it’s up to Katya Walker – the beautiful and deadly wife of the late Kevin – to take on this hidden power structure and find out who killed her husband, and why. No matter what it takes. No matter who she has to kill.

Peter Milligan was part of the 90′s “British Invasion”, and is best known for his extensive work on X-Force/X-Statix and X-Men for Marvel as well as Human Target, Shade, the Changing Man; Animal Man, and Hellblazer for Vertigo. He is also writing the upcoming Terminal Hero, the second series from Dynamite’s Creator Unleashed line.

Leandro Fernandez has worked on numerous Marvel titles, including X-Factor, Punisher: MAX, The Incredible Hulk, Wolverine, and Spider-Man: Tangled Web. He also drew Stormwatch: Post Human Division and Northlanders for DC/Veritgo, and Queen & Country for Oni Press.