Comic Book Movie Buzz: Fox picks up Mark Millar’s Superior for Movie Development

Superior Comic Book Cover by Mark Millar - P 2014

Superior is a creator-owned comic book series written by the prolific Mark Millar and illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu. It is published by Marvel Comics under the company’s Icon imprint.

The story centers on a 12 year-old boy suffering from multiple sclerosis who idolizes super-heroes. His favorite character is Superior. The boy at a low moment is granted a wish by an alien monkey named Ormon and is transformed into his favorite hero Superior. The comic was originally published on October 13, 2010.

A year after release, development on a movie project was announced with Matthew Vaughn as the person spearheading development. Now, another 3 years later, 20th Century Fox makes it official and announces they have picked up the property with Vaughn still attached to over see production.

Fox is already producing Millar’s Secret Service movie, which star Colin Firth and was directed by Matthew Vaughn. Secret Service is near completion and set for release on October 24, 2014. Vaughn also adapted and directed Millar’s other property, Kick-Ass, into a 2010 feature for Fox.

And so continues the Fox/Millar/Vaughn relationship…

via “Fox Picks Up Mark Millar’s ‘Superior’ Comic Book” – Hollywood Reporter.