Comic Book Movie Buzz: Colin Firth talks ‘The Secret Service’

Oscar-winner Colin Firth spoke with the Edmonton Sun and discussed the actor being in the best shape of his life during his participation in the film adaptation of Mark Millar’s The Secret Service.

The movie co-stars Sir Michael Caine and Samuel L. Jackson. Matthew Vaughn directed the film and wrote, what Firth called, a “thrilling” script.

Firth was especially chuffed about working with an acting idol of his Michael Caine. He also praised the performance of young actor Taron Egerton who plays the nephew that Firth’s James Bond like character is trying to teach about the world of espionage.

Firth remarked that “[i]t was wonderful to be on a set with Taron, who is 23 or 24, and Sir Michael who is, I think, 79, and me in the middle at 53.” Firth also noted that the age disparity was “Just a reflection on the fact that we have a profession where we work alongside each other. The young one might feel a bit of a rookie, and the older one might feel like a bit of an elder statement, but we’re all working on exactly the same film.”

The Secret Service was produced by Marv Films and 20th Century Fox and is scheduled for release in the US on October 24, 2014.

Source: Edmonton Sun