Comic Book Market Maven: Retro Spider-Man, Bat-Families & Zombies Lead the Week

In the second week of the five-week July, some publishers continue to put their efforts into just one or two big titles, while Marvel and DC continue to battle it out via ancillary titles related to their two big characters.

The Big Two


Of course, DC has another issue of Batman Eternal on sale this week, but additionally this week sees the release of a handful of other second-tier and related Batman titles, including “Detective Comics #33” and “Batgirl #33.. The family theme continues with new issues of Green Lantern Corps, Justice League United, and Superman/Wonder Woman.

Two new books to watch: “New Suicide Squad #1,” which features amongst its cast the popular Harley Quinn and “Grayson #1,” the new espionage series starring the former Robin and Nightwing, which gained some attention this last week thanks to DC’s somewhat-dubious marketing campaign for the title.

Over at Marvel, this week sees the release of “Amazing Spider-Man #1.3,” the next “hidden years” issue set in Spidey’s early days. While sales for the second issue haven’t been announced, the first issue was the third best-selling issue in all of comics in May, so even with a dropoff, it should do quite well. Two more Marvel Top 10 books round out the publisher’s notable releases this week, “All New X-Men #29” and “Avengers #32,” as well as “Original Sin #5.1,” a tie-in to the popular event series.

A notable new releases for Marvel is “Spider-Man 2099 #1,” the return of the popular futuristic version of the character whose title was the flagship of the ’90s-era “2099” imprint. While it’s unlikely to get anywhere close, sales-wise, to recent Spider-Man launches, if it manages to tap into the wave of current Spider-Man popularity even a little bit, it could end up selling quite well for what is essentially a return to a defunct imprint that’s over fifteen years old.

The Independents


Boom! Studios notable release this week is a spinoff limited series of its top-selling Adventure Time series, while Dark Horse similarly has one Top 10 release this week in “Star Wars #19.” IDW has a bigger week, thanks to a new issue of the ongoing Star Trek series (consistently one of IDW’s top selling series) as well as new issues of Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye. This week also sees the release of the second issue of Angry Birds, and while June sales aren’t in yet, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this turned out to be one of IDW’s top books.

Meanwhile, Image will easily trump the rest of the independents and many of the Big Two’s books with a new issue of Walking Dead. That alone is enough to carry Image, but other notable releases this week include “Shutter #4” and the second issue of Marc Silvestri’s Rise of the Magi.

Comic Book Market Predictions

This is actually a competitive week between Marvel and DC: Marvel will probably take market share thanks to a higher number of its Top 10 titles being released, but the top spot will largely depend on how where sales of “Amazing Spider-Man #1.3” land, and whether that’s good enough to beat Batman Eternal. And, of course, Walking Dead could easily beat both, and have the top spot for the week all to itself.