Comic Book Market Maven: The Five Wednesday Month Takes Its Toll This Week

With an extra Wednesday to fill this month, it’s inevitable that a week or two come out looking even lighter than usual. This month, it looks like this is that week.

The Big Two

dcvsmarvel3 Marvel (which is still releasing a decent number of titles this week) puts its best foot forward with the release of the latest issue of Original Sin, which will most likely be one of July’s best-selling books overall. They pair it with a new issue of Uncanny X-Men (one of their ten best-selling books in May), but beyond that, it’s a lot of mid-range titles sales wise. DC doesn’t have much to counter Original Sin with, aside from a new Batman Eternal, but it does have two books of note: “Teen Titans #1,” a relaunch of the perennial teen superhero series, and Harley Quinn Invades Comic-Con International San Diego. The last Teen Titans series ended thoroughly in the middle of DC’s pack sales wise, but a new #1 is always good for sales, and the relative lack of competition may help goose those numbers even further. Harley Quinn, meanwhile, stars one of DC’s top-selling characters (which, according to early reports of June sales, managed to land itself in the overall top 10 last month). It is drawn by a fan-favorite artist and has a blank sketch variant cover that will appeal to convention goers, all of which should add up to decent sales that could very well place the book in or near the top 10 for the month.

The Independents

indie-logo-composite3-300x200 Like Marvel, both Boom! Studios and IDW Publishing are putting their eggs in the basket of their overall best-selling title this week, Adventure Time and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, respectively. Dark Horse has an even quieter week, with just one top 10 book (“Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir #3”). Notable Image releases this week include the fun and creepy Manifest Destiny, and the second issue of Wicked + The Divine. Sales on the first issue of the latter haven’t been announced yet, but judging from the critical reaction, Image may very well have a new entry in its monthly top 10.

Comic Book Market Analysis

Marvel takes the top spot and the win in market share, but it looks like it’ll be down week for just about everyone. Keep an eye on that Harley Quinn book, though; it could turn into one of this summer’s big books.