Comic Book Heroes to Hit the Home Screen

Superheroes have been a major part of peoples’ childhoods for decades. Comic books from Marvel, DC, and others have inspired children all over the world, and the stories they tell have even remained popular with adults. These superheroes, like Batman, Catwoman, Superman and the Hulk, have used their masterful skills and incredible powers to fight evil and do good, and their stories have jumped from comic book to movie, to video game and even to online slots.

Today we’re taking a look at six of the best times that superheroes have ‘taken the leap’ to our home screens, video consoles, online casinos and cinemas.

1. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

Shortly after the end of the sixth generation consoles, and two years after the first Ultimate Alliance game went on sale, people eagerly awaited Ultimate Alliance 2. The premise of the game – all of the most popular Marvel characters being playable in the game – made people all over the world excited about the game. When it was released, gamers enjoyed the amazing characters, stories and locations from all over the Marvel universe, and today it remains one of the best superhero games around. The ability to bring together unique combinations of heroes in ways not always seen in the comic books was a huge allure to longtime fans, and the gameplay remains one of the best examples of super heroes in RPG-style gaming.

2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Wolverine Origins Game

Finally, there’s Wolverine’s own video game. Though the movie was more than a bit of a mess, nearly tanking the entire X-franchise and becoming the butt of jokes as recently as the new Deadpool film, the game itself is considered to be better than the actual film. It was created by Raven Software and released on the very same day as the film, offering one of the most extreme, violent and crazy video game experiences around. Wolverine was as bloodily vicious as the character should be, and the game offered solid fighting mechanics and a better overall story than the convoluted film.

3. Man of Steel

MoS High Res

Seven years after the failed attempt to resuscitate the franchise with Superman Returns, Warner Bros returned with Man of Steel. The reboot carried a darker and more realistic tone than the bright and optimistic Christopher Reeve franchise and, though divisive, was successful enough to launch a larger film universe including Batman V. Superman and Suicide Squad. The film has seen a major change in perception as time has gone on, but the debate over Superman’s willingness to kill in the film’s final moments remains a major point of contention among die-hard fans.

4. Injustice: Gods Among Us

injustice GAU

This comic book game from Netherrealm Studious takes the very best DC comic book characters and puts their power right at your fingertips. The fighting game allows you to fight superheroes and evil villains, using all the amazing powers you’ve seen in the comic books and movies. Injustice: Gods Among Us has spawned a sequel, mobile games, and an ongoing comic book series set in the universe of the games. Many have even suggested that the character design for the Tyler Hoechlin‘s Superman in CW’s second season of Supergirl takes major cues from the version of the Last Son of Krypton seen in the game.

5. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

BvSDoJ Large

Batman V Superman built on the universe begun with Man of Steel and delivered the first ever meeting of the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight on the big screen.  The theatrical release of the film was panned by critics, but the subsequent release of director Zack Snyder‘s Ultimate Cut has turned the film into a cult classic already. The film also set the stage for a forthcoming Justice League film and opened the door into a much larger DC Cinematic Universe.

6. Lucky Nugget Casino Slots

Marvel Slots

With super heroes being all the rage in pop culture, it should be no surprise that the online gaming industry has gotten in on the action.

The X-Men characters have been turned into figurines, playing cards and have even made the leap onto online slots. Lucky Nugget Casino has its extremely popular X-Men lot game that gives users the chance to win money online while playing a game based on the X-Men universe. You can see more here if you’d like to ‘take the leap’ with the superheroes and see why everyone is so excited about this online casino game!

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