“Comeback #5”

“Comeback #5”
(w) Ed Brisson
(a) Michael Walsh
Image Comics

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is the last issue of Comeback. But don’t worry, it does deliver the same quality as previous issues.

Time travel stories can be a tangled web, and Comeback brings that subject matter directly into the story. The creators tackled what type of rules will apply to this type of time travel story and it makes for a whole story in and of itself.

At the end of the previous issue, time was invalidated.

So where does the story go if that was how the previous issue ended? Interestingly enough, everything gets explained in this issue. People die, again and again. Dead characters are brought back. And in the end, everything wrong gets set right.

The series ends on as much of a high note as it began. The story and the art kept up a consistent, high quality standard from issue to issue. I will be looking forward to the art team bringing their style to the upcoming X-Files book from IDW. If anything, this book served as a great preview of things to come.

This is the kind of series that I want to start over from issue #1 and read straight on through. If I had as much fun going issue to issue on it, I almost guarantee that reading it all from beginning to the end will help to untangle that web that time travel stories create.

It is kinda hard talking about this comic without straight out spoiling the ending. The creative team worked too hard on this series for something like that. Out of all the books that are coming out this week, it is hard to pin this book as the book of the week for me, but it is pretty damn close.