CBTVB: Jerry Bruckheimer Bringing Global Frequency to TV

Mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer is joining the trend and is taking on a DC Entertainment property with a pilot production commitment at Fox for Warren EllisGlobal Frequency from DC Entertainment’s Vertigo imprint.

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Global Frequency was a 12-issue mini-series of the same name published by DC Comics’ Wildstorm Publications, and centered around a secret global organization that solves crimes by enlisting the services of 1,001 operatives, in a sense crime-fighting by crowd-sourcing. The purpose of the organization is to protect and rescue the world from the consequences of the various secret projects that the governments of the world have established, which are unknown to the public at large.


This will be the 2nd attempt to bring the property to television. In 2005, another Mega-producer, Mark Burnett (Survivor), produced a pilot based on Global Frequency featuring Josh Hopkins (CougarTown), but the show never aired though it did leak online.

Global Frequency is part of the expansion of WBTV-DC Entertainment’s TV portfolio which includes Arrow and The Flash on the CW, Fox’s Gotham and NBC’s Constantine, on which O’Bannon is writing, and iZombie debuts in midseason on The CW. Global Frequency joins other DC Entertainment projects in development for next season including Supergirl with CBS, (Teen) Titans on TBS, and Lucifer, also based on a Vertigo property, which has a put pilot commitment at Fox.

Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Ellis and O’Bannon will executive produce and KristieAnne Reed will co-executive produce to show for Bruckheimer’s company and Warner Bros. TV.

No word on when production will begin.

Source: Deadline