CBMB: Fox Greenlights Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Movie, pushes back FF

Deadpool will finally be breaking the fourth wall on movie screens around the world.

It's like they made sure he couldn't say what a bad idea all of this was.
It’s like they made sure he couldn’t say what a bad idea all of this was.

After the widely panned appearance of the Merc With a Mouth in 2009’s Wolverine: Origins, fan outcry for a standalone Deadpool movie reached a new low. Despite the excellent comedic timing of Ryan Reynolds in limited moments, the writers chose to silence the character by sealing his mouth shut and transform him from a wise-cracking psychopath to a mindless drone stuffed full of stolen mutant powers. After being attached to the worst-performing X-Men film to date, it seemed that Fox had managed to successfully kill the momentum around one of Marvel Comics’ most popular characters.


With the recent leak of test footage at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, the clamor for a movie featuring Deadpool as fans know him best hit a veritable fever pitch.

As a result, 20th Century Fox announced today that they are officially moving forward with the Deadpool film. Ryan Reynolds, the fan-favorite and seeming no-brainer choice for the lead role, is attached to play Wade Wilson, and director Tim Miller is set to helm the production.


The resulting shuffle in production schedules will see the Josh Trank Fantastic Four reboot moved back a month into an August slot, and the Deadpool movie will be hitting theaters early 2016. Controversy over casting has plagued the Fantastic Four project, and moving forward with an admittedly more mature film in Deadpool may actually be a safer bet for the studio at this point.

Deadpool with Ryan Reynolds premieres February 12th, 2016. Mark your calendars.


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