Webcomic Wednesdays: Star Trip

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Star Trip

Space might seem like a fun place to visit, but there are rules for navigating the complex galactic society.  And Jas, a young human from the hick planet Earth, will have to learn quick if she wants to survive. Jas’ life isn’t going so good:  rent’s due, fired from the job, dropped out of university.  Walking home one night, she finds Khut, a shape-shifting alien on the run from Taikese commandos.  In exchange for helping…

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Webcomic Wednesday: The Tea Dragon Society

Webcomic Wednesday:  The Tea Dragon Society

In a simpler time, things took longer to make, and no one minded the wait.  But as the world moves to a different pace, older traditions become less significant.  In the case of Tea Dragons, the knowledge might just be forgotten. Though blacksmiths are not as common nowadays, Greta is still learning the art from her mother.  One day, she finds a lost Tea Dragon, a living creature infused with plants, which when harvested produce…

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Webcomic Wednesday: Namesake

Webcomic Wednesday:  Namesake

A twisted tale is a form of literature where old myths, legends, folk and fairy tales, and other stories are rewritten with new formats and plots.  In the case of Namesake, the story stays the same, but the characters are the ones who change. Emma Crewe was just fine with living an ordinary, boring life in Canada.  Until due to a library fire, she accidentally opens a portal and ends up in Oz.  The Ozites…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Widdershins

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Widdershins

If you’re a resident of West Yorkshire, England, you know better than to visit Widdershins.  It’s a quaint little town, to be sure, but there’s been some strange events recently, so best avoid it.  Especially if you know one of the Barbers. The Barber clan is well -known throughout Widdershins as they always seem to be at the center of magical events, especially Harriett “Harry” Barber, a Hunter of magical items.  By accident, she becomes involved in…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Alice and the Nightmare

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Alice and the Nightmare

Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland continues to provide inspiration for everything from comics to video games to music.  In this reimagining, Alice and the Nightmare, the titular Alice is a young university student studying dreams while hiding a secret. Alice Heart has always lived within the Heart Church, training under Queen Rougina Kralovna to be an oneironaut.  Accepted to Phantasmagoria University, she is nervous and excited about finally have freedom and independence, and finds a…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Forever Autumn

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Forever Autumn

For anyone who hates that Halloween only comes once a year, Forever Autumn is a perfect fix.  It’s the story of a witch who meets a vampire, and all hell breaks loose. Alice is an apprentice witch and a klutz, avoided by all members of the Bat Coven.  But finally, her master allows her to buy a bat, whose blood is needed to magic Alice’s broom to fly.  But the bat is really Miki, a…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Astral Aves

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Astral Aves

In the Four Kingdoms of the Diurne, none is more feared than the Black Horn, the Land of Eternal Twilight.  Here, the people enjoy a long-standing relationship with the Nocturne, the ghostly realm lying parallel to the Diurne, something the other three Kingdoms find distasteful and vexing.  Relations between the Four Kingdoms are inimical at best, with the balance between the Diurne and the Nocturne always on edge.  So when Astra the Black (Heir to…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Agents of the Realm

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Agents of the Realm

Ever had one of those days where nothing seems to go right and to top it off, you run into a weird bear with horns that seems determined to kill you?  That was Norah’s first day on the job as an Agent of the Realm.  Finding a strange amulet, she becomes endowed with the power of the Void, the leader of the Agents who the gateway hidden within Silvermount, the local mountain that connects the…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Aquapunk

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Aquapunk

Coron is a Nosda Faithful, a living stone built to fight and serve at another’s will.  Along with his friends, Eieron and Aogaur, Coron follows the orders of his Esan masters, merely a drudge with little worth… until a trickster god takes an interest in him.  When Aogaur is possessed by a murderous spirit and kills two officers, Coron breaks the three of them out of jail, taking two unwilling Esan with them.  When all…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Headless Bliss

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Headless Bliss

Have you ever wondered what happens to stories?  Perhaps you thought they disappeared.  Well, not quite. One day, Annùn is kicked out of class for doodling, discovers a portal, and goes on an adventure where she meets Sinaj, an abandoned story.  Annùn invites Sinaj to stay with her, which allows Sinaj to explore Annùn’s collection of books.  However Lady Diov, Queen of Demons and mother of Annùn, isn’t too pleased to have her daughter socializing…

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