Webcomic Wednesdays: Fauna Fairest

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Fauna Fairest

It is a terrible thing to be separated from a friend, especially when you are locked in a magic box and thrown to the far wilds of the woods, where strange creatures roam. Fauna, created by a magic, is friend to Fennela, the princess of the mysterious forest they live in.  For a time, they are happy, playing and exploring, until an acquaintance from Fennela’s past appears.  Angered at Fennela’s use of magic, Prilaign throws…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Obscurato

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Obscurato

Dionisia was living in retirement, her past firmly in the past, until her old friend Kartar activates a distress beacon.  Unbeknownst to most, she is not merely a lord’s wife, but a fierce warrior and a battle-hardened veteran.  Knowing the beacon can be traced to her family, Dionisia comes out of retirement, taking one last mission to rescue Kartar.  However, the wizard-turned-monk doesn’t want to be saved, as they have been captured and enslaved by…

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Capeless Crusader: Woohooligan!

Capeless Crusader:  Woohooligan!

Sam Dealey was a regular cartoonist living a regular life, until his birthday, when he got cancer.  If that sounds like the start of a great comic, it’s actually real life. Woohooligan! is a collection of comics created by Sam Dealey, a self-described laughtivist.  After his cancer diagnosis, he decided to follow his dream of becoming a full-time comic artist.  The site is an assortment of one-gag strips and short stories, covering the genres of…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: balderdash!, or a tale of two witches

Webcomic Wednesdays:  balderdash!, or a tale of two witches

Georgie is a witch who loves baking.  Her wish is to study under renowned baker Fausto, so she leaves her northern home and journeys to River Valley.  Afia is a scholar living and studying in the city of Bakunini.  Learning she has the gift of Witchsight, inherited from her seer grandmother, Afia journeys along the Merle River to Löffel , wanting to learn more about her talent.  Through a strange set of circumstances, including chasing…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Far to the North

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Far to the North

Kelu just wants to see what life is like beyond the family farm.  Not that she doesn’t enjoy playing in the woods with her nieces and nephews, or helping out her mother and sisters, but life is a bit boring.  At least, until she catches the eye of one of the goblins. Kelu desperately wants to go to the Trader’s Festival, to finally see some faces besides her family, but the men leave her behind,…

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BACK ISSUES: The 5 Millarworld Titles Netflix Should Adapt First

BACK ISSUES: The 5 Millarworld Titles Netflix Should Adapt First

Welcome to another edition of “Back Issues”, the column where I examine characters, concepts or themes making waves in comics today through issues from the past. As we reported earlier in the week, Netflix made big waves in the comics industry by reaching a deal with famed comic creator Mark Millar to purchase his library of creator-owned properties known collectively as “Millarworld.” With the subsequent news that Disney will launch its own streaming service in…

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Webcomic Wednesday: Harlowe Vanished

Webcomic Wednesday:  Harlowe Vanished

Harlowe is having a tough time.  She’s studying hard, but her parents have been arguing lately about the cost of college, leaving her unsure what the future holds.  One night, Harlowe thinks it might be best if she just vanishes.  And she does, into the ocean.  But that’s not the end of the story. Harlowe comes to floating in the water above a reef, much different from the clifflined shore she left behind.  She realizes…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Prague Race

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Prague Race

One day, Leona bought a cool poster from a weird shop.  And then her friend Colin gets swallowed by a shark and her other friend Miko became a werewolf.  Welcome to Prague Race. With Colin kidnapped by an angry member of the Brigade, Leona and Miko follow, using Toska the troll as their guide.  Upon arrival, they quickly learn the world of magic is far different from their ordinary world, which suits Leona just fine. …

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Blindsprings

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Blindsprings

Three hundred years ago, the Orphic ruling family of Aberwelle was destroyed, and the Academists took over, ensuring order.  But legend tells of a lost princess, who escaped to the forest and lives there to this day. Tamaura has almost completed her contract when she is abducted by an Academist.  Escaping the restraints, she finds herself in Kirkhall, where her family once ruled.  But much has changed in her absence, as Orphics are now considered…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Lilith’s Word

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Lilith’s Word

There is a legend that says the universe is incomplete.  Only the last Goddess can do so, by saying the word that will bring reality to its finished creation.  And then she will die. Lilith and her brother have traveled for many years, searching across different realms for a sign their journey is over.  One such visit lands them in an abbey where the people fight creatures of pure energy to protect the cities.  There,…

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