“Captain Marvel #17”


I’ve come rather late to the game on the latest wave of Captain Marvel, but as a comics site that seeks to mine social and emotional relevancy, there are some legitimate reasons we should be writing more about Carol Danvers. Captain Marvel strikes the perfect blend of fun comic-book-actiony-goodness and subtle social commentary. This issue alone, through a Spartacus-esque show of support, dips into the positive power of hope and the influence we can have shaping threats, along with a bit of a slap at our current “meh” culture.

Granted, I have a bit of a hero complex for Carol Danvers as of late, after the rather emotional reaction I had to Kelly Sue DeConnick’s first CM trade: In Pursuit of Flight (if you’re really curious, you can read the reaction on my personal tumblr). But when your book is being taught in gender study classes and is motivating and touching to the point that an entire fan community has sprouted up around her, more people should be taking notice!

Though this book is the last issue in the latest arc, it is dedicated to the aforementioned Carol Corps and is a great representation of why she is so beloved. Volume 4 will be starting up in February of 2014, which gives you plenty of time to get caught up on the previous trades and, as I recently have, add Princess Sparklefists to your pull list!

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