Capeless Stands for Civil Rights

In case you are wondering why all your friends icons on social media are starting to look like that at the top of this article, I think it’s worth taking note that it’s quite a big week for civil rights.

Today the Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments on Prop 8 to bring marriage equality back to California and help set the precedent for other states as well.
Tomorrow they will hear on DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), which if deemed unconstitutional would federally recognize all legal marriages and could grant all legally-married same sex couples the same rights & privileges of straight couples.

Batwoman-ProposalIn the last year we’ve seen the first same-sex super-hero wedding and Batwoman propose to her girlfriend. I like to think that we as comics readers, in general, are a little ahead of the curve when it comes to social issues. Maybe the geeky get picked on a bit more growing up, and we retain that empathy. Maybe having heroes like those in the pages of comic books tend to have a code that promotes equity and integrity as synonyms.

Both of these landmark cases are expected to have final rulings in June, and in both cases equality has been upheld in the lower courts. As this monumental week starts off one of the most important debates of gay marriage rights on a national scale, you can add your voice to the masses simply by taking a minute in your day to sign the Human Rights Campaign petition to stand in support through these legal debates and spread awareness.

The Orson Scott Cards of the world are of course entitled to their opinion as granted by their first amendment rights. However, I urge you to join with me in saying that Truth and Justice are universal and stating that this is the American Way.