CAPE WATCH: Five DC Comics to grab this week! (Mar. 11)

DC Comics has an interesting line-up this upcoming week. From the crazy Bizarro World to Gotham City under siege and a Green Lantern title comes to an end.


So without further ado, let’s take a look at what DC has for us this week!


Detective Comics Endgame #1 (One-Shot)666961_detective-comics-endgame-1

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi

Art: Viktor Bogdanovic

Cover Price: $3.99

Following off of Scott Snyder’s Endgame story arc in the current BATMAN run, Gotham City is in utter peril, with its citizens all infected by a new strain of Joker Gas and on a rampage throughout the city attacking anyone and everyone. This issue asks the question, who will survive Endgame?

DETECTIVE COMICS ENDGAME #1 is one of four one-shot issues that will all converge in the conclusion of Endgame in Snyder’s upcoming BATMAN #40.


Action Comics #40666960_action-comics-40

Writer: Greg Pak

Art: Aaron Kuder

Cover Price: $3.99

In Greg Pak’s upcoming issue of ACTION COMICS #40, Bizarro takes the center stage as Superman travels to his long-time enemies home planet, where everything is backwards and… well… bizarre.

Bizarro has become a fan favourite since his debut in the SUPERMAN comics. A lot can be done with the character, and it looks like Pak is taking the fun and crazy route with Bizarro in ACTION COMICS #40.


Batman Arkham Knight #1664375_03b6d655d5d512aa79a6a2afb23ee47992981875

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi

Art: Viktor Bogdanovic

Cover Price: $3.99

Following the events of the award-winning Batman Arkham Asylum and City video games, BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT makes its debut as a prequel to the much-anticipated video game of the same name, concluding the video game series.

After Batman Arkham City, Joker is dead, and Arkham City has been shut down. Bruce Wayne finds himself at a crossroads as he recovers from his injuries in Arkham City, and debates whether or not Gotham needs a Batman anymore. But new threats keep emerging from the city’s shadows, starting with the infamous Arkham Knight.


New 52 Futures End #45666962_new-52-futures-end-45

Writer: Keith Giffen

Art: Stephen Thompson

Cover Price: $2.99

As the DC Universe edges closer to its game-changing Summer event Convergence, many DC titles are coming to an end. FUTURES END is no exception as the run begins to near its stunning end.

In the upcoming issue of FUTURES END #45, the final fates of a slew of DC characters are discovered. Meanwhile, Batman and Mr. Terrific believe that they may have gotten rid of one tech god, and have been handed one much, much worse.


Green Lantern Corps #40664265_efb95559e334ca59600e43e9c8b3a84e5a124289

Writer: Van Jensen

Art: Bernard Chang

Cover Price: $3.99

GREEN LANTERN CORPS comes to an end in issue 40 this week, giving us an extra-sized final issue to commemorate the series.

John Stuart has had some tough times throughout the past decade or so, namely his reputation in the destruction of planets. In this final issue of GREEN LANTERN CORPS, John must face what has been haunting, and defining him, the destruction of the planet Xanshi. As John comes face to face with his fears, something is set in place that will change the Green Lantern Corps forever.