CAPE WATCH: Five DC Comics to Grab This Week! (Feb. 4)

This week it looks like things are starting to tie together with DC Comics. As April nears and Convergence is in the distance, the beginning of the DC Universe’s coming together might also spell the end of everything.

On that note, let’s take a look at our lineup for DC’s releases this week.


New 52 Future’s End #40663239_e3e91c3f1759e9cbc3c5d9c215578eb340810fdf

For those who have been following Future’s End, the story is set five years ahead in the future of our current New 52 runs. In this future, the world is recovering from a war across the multiverse. Batman Beyond (Terry McGinnis) travels back in time to prevent what will happen 35 years in the future, where Mr. Terrific’s “Brother Eye”, has managed to turn most of the world superheroes into cyborgs.

Recently, Batman Beyond has been discovered by Mr. Terrific after his numerous attempts to break into Terrifitech. Mr. Terrfic thinks this Batman is an alternate Batman from the war with the alternate Earth. Now, Brainiac has arrived to the Future’s End timeline, and one can only assume that this is the beginning of what will be Convergence.

DC Comics: February 4, 2015

Writer: Keith Giffen   Art: Stephen Thompson

Cover: Ryan Sook

Cover Price: $2.99


Earth 2 World’s End #18663237_590ca5aa72a20df7726b72476cb565b5a806fee3

Earth 2 is under siege as Darkseid and Apokolips draw closer. The heroes of Earth 2 have gone undertook many heartaches, and in the last issue, Earth 2 has become infected with the soul of Apokolips.

The Earth 2 books are a breath of fresh air, as you get a taste of your favourite superheroes, or other people in that mantle. It gives a different feel to the characters, and now with Earth 2 getting closer to the breaking point, it’ll be interesting to see if it will be brought over after the series is complete.

DC’s summary of the issue is quite ominous as well.

“As Apokolips burns, Green Lantern falls – and the Earth is left unprotected”

DC Comics: February 4, 2015

Writer: Daniel H. Wilson   Art: Jackson Herbert

Cover: Guillem March

Cover Price: $2.99


Earth 2 #31663193_ad452ed567e31f1bef9f776f6b33aabcb0b0ed57

Another tie in to Earth 2, taking place the same time as World’s End. As Earth 2’s heroes defend their planet from Apokolips’ forces, Doctor Fate makes his power and presence known on Apokolips.

Doctor Fate is a recurring character in most of the Earth 2 series, and it should be an explosive battle is Darkseid and Fate go head to head. I wonder if Fate’s magic would be a match for Darkseid’s raw strength, one that rivals even Superman. One things for sure though, Doctor Fate like he’s ready to kick some ass in this cover for “Earth 2 #31″.

DC Comics: February 4, 2015

Writer: Mike Johnson   Art: Andy Smith

Cover: Ken Lashley

Cover Price: $2.99


Superman Earth One Vol. 3DIG051536_2

Having read Vol. 1 of the Superman Earth One graphic novel, I was mesmerized by this new look and origin of Superman. It pulled me in with a fresh, inexperienced and younger Clark Kent, who is trying to figure out who he is. It’s a grittier, more in depth look at the development of Clark Kent becoming Superman.

Now in Vol. 3, J. Michael Straczynski introduces Lex and Alexandra Luthor for the first time in this version of Superman. But Superman has a problem in front of him that he can’t punch his way through, as the Luthors are tasked with the job of finding a way to cancel Superman’s powers.

From the cover alone, it looks like Superman of Earth One will be going to a much darker place than what we’re usually used to.

Written by: J. Michael Straczynski

Art byAdrian Syaf

Cover Price: $22.99


Green Lantern #39663201_2c64611a325c9fcf4d8d4b06cf7652cb9bc5fcef

Hal Jordan finally returns to Oa for the first time after Godsend, and knows he must face he guardians after how he defied the Templar Guardians. Even though the Corps is recovering from the aftermath of Godsend, there’s a new threat that they will soon have to face.

It’s been some time since we’ve heard anything in any other DC comics about Hal Jordan. He’s been out in the vast depths of space doing his Green Lantern Corp work. Maybe this trial the Guardians hold for Hal will send him back to Earth finally, but with all of Hal’s mistakes, will he lose his ring again? Who know, but I can’t wait to see.

DC Comics: February 4, 2015

Writer: Robert Venditti   Art: Admira Wijaya

Cover: Billy Tan

Cover Price: $2.99