Bryan Singer Confirms One of Cyclops’s Villains for Wolverine 3


Yesterday, Cinemablend reported that Bryan Singer has confirmed that Mister Sinister will make an appearance in Wolverine 3.  In his and Simon Kinberg‘s commentary audio on X-Men: Apocalypse, Singer talks about the post-credits scene.

The scene depicts suited men walking through the ruined Weapon X facility.  They find samples from ‘Weapon X’ — Wolverine — and place them into a metal briefcase.  The briefcase reads: Essex Corporation.

Any fan worth their X-logo merch can tell you that ‘Essex’ refers to Dr. Nathaniel Essex, also known as Mister Sinister.

In the comics, Sinister seeks to create the perfect mutant.  He keeps Scott Summers in a fake orphanage for the majority of his childhood, and experiments on him repeatedly.  Later on, Sinister clones Cyke’s great love, Jean Grey, and Scott unknowingly marries the clone after Jean’s untimely (and impermanent) death.  Their child, who would grow up to be known as Cable, originally was named Nathan Christopher Summers.

Later X-stories let Sinister branch out from just victimizing the Summers-Greys.  However, when adopted Summers granddaughter Hope manifests her mutation at birth during the Messiah Complex storyline, Sinister’s team of Marauders try to kidnap her.

It strikes me as odd that the XMCU creatives, including Bryan Singer, chose to introduce Sinister to the franchise in a Wolverine story instead.  Cyclops fans have criticized the sidelining of Scott in the series — first by focus on Wolverine’s relationship with Jean in the first version of the Dark Phoenix Saga brought to film, and more recently by Mystique becoming leader of the X-Men in the new timeline.

Of course, introducing Sinister at all does allow for future exploration of Cyclops-centered stories with him.  Maybe Sinister’s introduction in Wolverine’s last movie heralds a new age for X-stories.  We just don’t know, and won’t until those stories either do or don’t come to pass.

Wolverine 3 comes out March 3rd, 2017.

Hugh Jackman plans to hang up the claws for good after this last go-around.  He stars opposite Sir Patrick Stewart reprising as Charles Xavier just one more time.


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