BOOM! Studios CEO and Co-Founder announces Push #ComicsForward

Ross-RichieThe comic industry has come a long way, but BOOM! Studios is looking into the future, with Push #ComicsForward.

Co-founder and CEO of BOOM! Studios, Ross Richie, spoke out in an editorial (published in PREVIEWS magazine) about a movement the company is bringing to this new year. The goal; to shape what the comic industry will look like in the next 10 years by uniting, inspiring, motivating and supporting all fans, publishers, creators, professional’s and the press who want to see the comic industry that welcomes all types of readers. BOOM! Studios hopes to do this under one banner, #ComicsForward.

“As fans, as creators, as retailers, as the press, as publishers. All of us. Let’s talk about how we can all Push #ComicsForward,” said Richie. “Because comic books should be for everyone.”

It’s an interesting concept what BOOM! Studios is doing with this campaign. Not only have indie and independent comic books exploded these past few years, keeping up with larger mainstream comics, but more and more people have gotten the courage to create their own comics, and a lot actually go somewhere.

Richie emphasized that years ago, no one thought comics would be for “all ages”, which is true. For quite some time comics were mainly read by teenagers and young adults, but lately, comics have become a major pop culture trend.

“The medium of comics has never been more on the forefront of driving pop culture and as fans of this art form,” said Richie. “We have a rare opportunity to take that interest to the next level and embrace an entire generation of potential fans who don’t read comics right now.

“We can make a new Golden Age.”

This is a huge step BOOM! Studios is taking in the comics industry. The possibilities are endless if it goes the right way. If the event is successful, and promoted enough, it could catch on like a wildfire. The power of social media is an enormous part of everyday lives now. It would be revolutionary to see people who never even thought of picking up a comic book, to suddenly become an avid comic reader. With the power of social media, BOOM! Studios has an everlasting reach to the public to broadcast their message.

“If you believe comics are great just the way they are, this isn’t for you. If you think superheroes are the only kinds of stories worth telling in comics, this isn’t for you,” said Richie. “But if you want to see everyone reading comics, your aunt, your co-workers, your niece, your boyfriend, that kid down the street, let’s Push #ComicsForward in 2015.”

This is an incredible opportunity for everyone in the comic industry to take something that’s already growing, and make it bigger. The potential for more people to be introduced into the comic world is larger than ever. I agree with what Richie said, that we can all make a new Golden Age. So let’s Push #ComicsForward.