Batman/Superman Title Coming in June

Batman by Jae LeeA new Batman/Superman team-up book will be coming in June from DC Comics. Written by Greg Pak and featuring art by Jae Lee, the book will be Pak’s debut DC Comic book. Lee comes fresh from his latest work with the Before Watchmen book Ozymandias.

Pak gave some insider information as to where the book will fit in the overall DC timeline to Newsarama: “So this story begins around the time of Morrison’s ‘Action #1,’ when both of these men are young and wild and dangerous. Anything can happen. They’ve never even heard of each other before—never even heard the word ‘super-hero.’”

This is an interesting place to pick for their timeline. When the Justice League comic first came out, it was highly promoted by DC within the same context—that it was first time the characters met and that they had never heard the word “super-hero” before. Given that Superman has been around for about five years, and Batman has been around for at least six or seven, fans must wonder where the overall timeline for all these events must be.

All that any fan can do would be to get the first issue when it debuts in June to get all the details.

  • Colin Hollister

    I’m not sure what I’m more excited for — The fact that Jae Lee is drawing Batman (an obviously perfect fit) or that he’ll be drawing Superman (way out of left field but could prove interesting).

    • I’m also looking forward to Lee’s take on the duo, but I’m wondering if it will be T-shirt and jeans Superman, or full costume Superman.

      • Colin Hollister

        Good question. I’ve seen one image that Lee did of Supes where he was in the more traditional costume.. But given the general time period it could very well be jeans/shirt Superman. What I’m wondering is just how dark a take on Superman Greg Pak is planning to go. If they sought out Jae Lee’s talents for the book, to me that’s a clear indicator that this story may be dealing with some heavy concepts.

    • Joseph Torres

      Ditto on Lee’s art. It looks like I may have to drop a some books soon. I got too much to read as it is and Pak and Lee on a Batman/Superman book sounds like a must buy for me.

      • Too much to read? How is that a problem? BUY ALL THE COMICS!!!

        • Joseph Torres

          Let me rephrase that. I have too much I want to read and not enough money to pay for it. Last week I spent $85 bucks because my stack of 2000ADs came in >.<