Batman Needs a Robin, and the DCEU Needs Ryan Potter

Ryan Potter took to Twitter yesterday to express interest in playing a Tim Drake Robin.  First, he tweeted:

“Tim Drake has a nice ring to it.” (source)

Then, a bit later, he went so far as to address Ben Affleck directly, tweeting:

“@BenAffleck “Asian American Tim Drake adds diversity to Justice League cast”

Headlines write themselves ☕🐸” (source)

No public response from Affleck seems forthcoming.  But frankly, in his position, I’d be intrigued by Potter’s approach and audacity.

In the comics, after all, Tim Drake convinces a still-grieving Batman that Drake should be the next Robin, stating point-blank that “Batman needs a Robin.”  That takes guts.

Besides the clearly Robin-ish audacity, Potter makes a good point about diversity in comic book movies.  The DCEU has so far made great casting choices involving people of color playing formerly white or white-passing characters: Perry White, Floyd Lawton, and even Wonder Woman herself.  It seems appropriate that Affleck keep this trend going for his Batman movie.

Not to mention, Ryan Potter has already played a superhero once!  In fact, he played the protagonist, Hiro, in Disney’s 2014 superhero flick, Big Hero 6.

Of course, all of this remains in the realm of hope and rumor until we get definitive casting for The Batman.  But I for one think this rumor has a pretty good shot at coming true.

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