Batbook Requiem: Reactionary Covers in Wake of Grant Morrison’s Bat-Epic (*Spoilers*)

Batman: Detective Comics "Requiem" Cover, in the wake of the events of Batman Inc. #8
Batman: Detective Comics “Requiem” Cover, in the wake of the events of Batman Inc. #8

*Note* – Although this article contains no actual SPOILERS, with the slightest powers of deduction (which we expect from any avid Bat-fans) it would be easy enough to determine the events of Batman Incorporated #8, and therefore the end of Morrison’s epic Batman arc, so SPOILER warning official given!

Grant Morrison began work on Batman back in 2006 and, 6 (or so) years later his epic story arc starts to come to a close, but not before leaving his mark on the Bat-family forever. Morrison’s take on the Bat & surrounding family have shaped and developed the character not only of Batman, but of the entire Bat-family and its inter-relations. Morrison looked at stretching the relationships between Batman & his sidekicks to breaking point, to the point of swapping out who was behind the cape and cowl for an even more interesting dynamic between the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder.

In the wake of the earth-shattering events of Batman Incorporated #8, Morrison’s official stamp on the DCU & his first major event of the New 52 DC Universe, the Bat-family mourn a loss in a series of special “Requiem” covers commemorating a hero and, in my opinion, one of the most interesting characters in the Bat’s history.

Spanning the entire Bat-family, these covers (shown below, check them out!) demonstrate the impact Morrison continues to have on the world of the Batman and show that even straight after “Death of the Family,” Batman arcs can still be exciting, intriguing and epic.

Tell us your thoughts on the end of Morrison’s run – his impact, choices, and storytelling within the Batman world – in the comments section below!

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