Webcomic Wednesdays: No End

Webcomic Wednesdays:  No End

Supposedly, there’s a place where no snow falls and the undead are nonexistent, a place called Haven.  For Modra, who has never been outside the safety of his military zone, finding such a place would be the stuff of dreams. Trying to forget his past life, Modra joins his friend Benny in traveling through the wilderness.  When seeking shelter one night, they happen upon three travelers:  Jenn, her brother Wight, and their friend Cotton.  All…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Dents

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Dents

Being a twin can be rough; everyone is always confusing one for the other and assumes they like the same things.  But what if being a twin was an automatic death sentence? Eleanor Riley has lived her entire life in the city, quarantined from the wilds, where the Dents live.  Dents are twins, born with awesome power, killed on sight per the orders of Concord.  But one day, Eleanor loses her temper, and discovers she is…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Empowered

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Empowered

Female superheroes have it bad enough, trying to prove their worth.  But imagine if you’re known as that one superhero female who always ends up needing rescuing.  And ironically, your super-name is Empowered.  Welcome to her life. Empowered should be a powerful heroine in her own right, what with her biologically alive suit that can lend her super agility and doge bullets, but her own self-consciousness get in the way, often leaving her vulnerable to…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Jailbird

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Jailbird

There was once a little creature stuck in a cell, far below the ground.  One day, a bird visited the creature, bearing a mysterious post card.  Finding the courage, the creature tunneled out of the lonely prison cell and entered a strange world known as Hahna.  A living planet born from a seed husk, Hahna is slowly dying and her people are dealing with the encroaching deserts.  Given a name and a magical cape by…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Sakana

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Sakana

Jiro Sakana works at the Tsukiji Fish Market at his uncle’s stall with his brother, Taro.  For two years, Jiro has pined over the cute cashier at the next stall over.  And now, he’s finally worked up the nerve to ask her out.  Everything is going according to plan… until his brother, their roommate Taisei, and co-worker Yuudai, decide to tag along.  All Jiro wants is to go on a decent date for once in…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Cucumber Quest

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Cucumber Quest

In Cucumber Quest, Cucumber wants to go study magic, while his sister Almond wants to be a knight.  So when the bunny siblings stop invaders from summoning the legendary Nightmare Knight to save the Donut Kingdom, they follow the plan exactly… until Almond decides having a 500,000 year old demon to fight would be more exciting. With Dreamside in peril, Cucumber, who would rather be studying than adventuring, must travel with his wannabe-knight sister, the…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Stand Still, Stay Silent

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Stand Still, Stay Silent

The Old World has ended.  For ninety years, the Nordic lands (Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland) have battled the terrors of the Silent World, keeping the creatures at bay.  But now, a small band of explorers is crossing the boundary, eager to rediscover lost knowledge. Tuuri Hotakainen wants desperately to see the larger world beyond Keuruu, a small settlement in Finland.  When she gets a job offer to be mechanic for a research mission…

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Webcomic Wednesdays: Star Trip

Webcomic Wednesdays:  Star Trip

Space might seem like a fun place to visit, but there are rules for navigating the complex galactic society.  And Jas, a young human from the hick planet Earth, will have to learn quick if she wants to survive. Jas’ life isn’t going so good:  rent’s due, fired from the job, dropped out of university.  Walking home one night, she finds Khut, a shape-shifting alien on the run from Taikese commandos.  In exchange for helping…

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Webcomic Wednesday: The Tea Dragon Society

Webcomic Wednesday:  The Tea Dragon Society

In a simpler time, things took longer to make, and no one minded the wait.  But as the world moves to a different pace, older traditions become less significant.  In the case of Tea Dragons, the knowledge might just be forgotten. Though blacksmiths are not as common nowadays, Greta is still learning the art from her mother.  One day, she finds a lost Tea Dragon, a living creature infused with plants, which when harvested produce…

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Webcomic Wednesday: Namesake

Webcomic Wednesday:  Namesake

A twisted tale is a form of literature where old myths, legends, folk and fairy tales, and other stories are rewritten with new formats and plots.  In the case of Namesake, the story stays the same, but the characters are the ones who change. Emma Crewe was just fine with living an ordinary, boring life in Canada.  Until due to a library fire, she accidentally opens a portal and ends up in Oz.  The Ozites…

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