Another One-Word Marvel Teaser: “Hammered”


As is popular in comics these days, Marvel sent out this teaser image, simply saying “Hammered.” My first guess, judging by looking at the creative team of Duggan and Medina, is that it’s a brand new Nova story arc, possibly involving Thor. It’s a brilliant idea, and one I can see fans jumping on to. The new Nova series started strong but has dipped a bit in quality during recent issues. This would be a perfect way to make it exciting again.

Of course, everyone could be wrong and this could be something totally new and unexpected. Marvel usually doesn’t wait too long to unveil these one-word previews, so hopefully we find out in the next few days. Seems to be good timing considering Thor 2 releases tomorrow…


Alex Smith is a news and reviews writer for Capeless Crusader. When not wasting away in class, he spends all his free time with comics, movies, and video games, and has been since birth. He can spend hours discussing SagaHawkeye, or Game of Thrones. Lying Cat’s number one fan. Random brain thoughts: @imapensfan


Alex Smith

Alex Smith is a news and reviews writer for Capeless Crusader. He spends the majority of his time with film, comics and video games. Bringing up Game of Thrones or Saga will elicit a way-too-long discussion. He remains Lying Cat's #1 fan.

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