Amigo Comics set to unleash phase 2 this March

unnamed (2)Small house publisher Amigo Comics have announced their slate for its second phase, promising that things will get absolutely insane this March. They have announced two brand new mini-series’ as well as a collection of a highly sought after title.

The first of their newest releases is Unleash, a tale of an assault survivor named Emmie that goes outside the box in her desire to protect people from sexual assault. While she attempts to go by the books at first by moulding her own superhero persona, she doesn’t find success until she forms an unlikely partnership with a fellow crimefighter. Together they enforce a twisted form of justice upon sexual predators.

Told across four issues, Unleash is written by El Torres and Jennifer Van Gessel, with art by Gabriel Hernandez WaltaNacho Tenorio, and Sergio Mora.

UPC Code: 708022654118—00111
32pgs, FC (1 of 4) $3. 99

unnamed (3)The second title set to debut this March is Alan Dracon. This six issue mini-series, brought to you by writer/artist Stefano Martino promises action and adventure in a futuristic story about a bodyguard. He lives in a world with high-tech industrial moguls, genetically modified organisms, and seductive corporates, most of whom would like to see him dead.

UPC Code: 708022654125—00111
32pgs, FC (1 of 6) $3. 99

The final release Amigo Comics offers you this March is the trade paperback collection of Straitjacket, a four issue mini-series that first saw the light of day late last year. Despite its recent release, it has become incredibly difficult to locate single issues of this series, so the publishers is making it easy for you by collecting all four issues into a trade.

unnamed (4)Straitjacket tells the story of Alexandra Wagner, a resident of an insane asylum. She has moved from one institution after another, thinking she is protecting the world from a breed of monsters unknown to mankind. Oh, and she’s doing so with the help of her deceased brother, the same brother she murdered as a child. Like most people, her psychiatrist Thomas Hayes believes she is batshit crazy, and she is, but she’s also right.

Straitjacket is written by El Torres,  with Guillermo Sanna providing both interior and cover art.

ISBN Code: 9788416486199-51999
120 pages, Black-white red  $14.99

All three titles will hit the shelves in March.


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