Ben Affleck Tweets Deathstroke Video; DCEU Fandom Explodes

Earlier today, Ben Affleck tweeted a video depicting what appears to be a live action version of the villain Deathstroke while filming either Justice League or the as-yet-untitled Batman solo flick.

The video lasts only a minute or so, but shows Deathstroke, a.k.a. Slade Wilson, looking menacing in black and orange armor.  There’s no caption, no context, and no explanation.

Of course, DCEU fandom lost their collective minds in excitement.  Confused and elated, fans dug deeper in order to try and find some explanation.  So far, the facts are:

  • Julian Lewis Jones was cast in Justice League without disclosing his actual role earlier this summer.
  • Joe Mangianello just followed Zack Snyder on Twitter, and is presently in London (where Justice League is filming), with a military style haircut and goatee.

Theories include that it could be either man in the Deathstroke suit, with the other playing the character of Steppenwolf.  Beyond this, we know nothing confirmably, and likely won’t for quite some time.

The excitement and hype are palpable, though, particularly on Tumblr.  Fans there shout in all caps about their excitement.  Requests like “OKAY BEN!! NOW RELEASE THE BATWOMAN CONTENT!!!” abound.

Here’s to hoping for more reasons to be excited about further installments of the DC Extended Universe.  In the consistent journalistic maelstrom of negativity, stuff like this shines a light on why the DCEU has been so successful:

Both the people making the movies and the fans unironically love what they’re getting and giving with this franchise.  That excitement is real, and no amount of critical hatred can kill it.

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