Advanced Review: The Crow: Pestilence


The Crow: Pestilence is my first The Crow anything that I’ve read. I’ve seen the first movie, but I saw that when it came out in 1994, so I have very little memory of it (mostly just my mom swooning over Brandon Lee). I mention this because if any of you out there are hardcore The Crow fans, forgive me; this is my first real brush with it, and I’m not a big fan.

It’s a story about a Mexican boxer, who takes money for a dive, but wins the fight anyway. He plans on escaping to America after the fight but the drug dealer who paid him off catches up to him first. His family is brutalized and killed in front of his eyes (which sounds a lot like the first comic…or what Wikipedia said happened in the first comic). He dies as well and comes back as the Crow.

To me, this doesn’t sound original at all. Family murdered because of a stupid mistake you willingly made? Now you’re consumed with despair and bloodthirst? Need your revenge? Come on down and join support group. The Crow will be your support buddy. Be careful, though, he’s a changed man.

Even from reading Wikipedia (don’t judge me, I know it’s not always too reliable) it sounds like a rehash from other comics in the line. The only difference is it’s in a different country with different people and broken English. By the way, why did they need to have so-called broken English!? You have to assume that they are speaking Spanish within the series; that’s their native language. They might make grammatical mistakes, like any native speakers might, but why would the language seem broken?

On the bright side, I think the art matched the story well. It’s the gritty imagery that you would want in a story like this.

If you are a Crow fan you might really enjoy this. Don’t take this off your to-read list because of my review. But if you’re like me, and indifferent, you might try to wait for another awesome IDW story.

In the real world Tattoogirl is known as Mai Byers and is a store manager at a video game store. She loves all things nerdy but has only recently gotten interested in the American comic book scene. She writes the column Point of Entry and reviews books and comics incessantly. It’s not just a clever name, she has 31 tattoos. Contact her at

  • Brian Daniel

    The whole point of this franchise is to explore different situations that lead to the resurrection of the protagonist. The basic plot of protagonist gets brutally killed with family/loved one, etc is the main thread that runs through all the stories, what makes each different is how they deal with it and how they go about their revenge. I agree more could be added (The second film sequel actually made it a bit of a mystery at first) but that is what people really love about the stories. The raw emotion of rage and sadness, and even madness. I suggest you read the original comic at least once. It’s definitely worth it.

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