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Each week, the Capeless Crew picks out those books that we think are most worthy of your dollars and attention. These books are chosen based on a variety of qualities, including relevance to real-world issues of the day, their sheer excellence as examples of the medium and often with an eye towards the importance of a given book within the context of the comics industry.


This week’s “Special Blend” includes a delightful mix of independent and mainstream titles which cover quite a number of genres, from pulp to epic space opera. There’s a little bit of “everyone should read this” combined with a dash of “only the cool kids read this” as we continue our ongoing mission to bring you a diverse, quality selection which reflects the wide range of stories being told in comics.


1. “Lobster Johnson: Scent of a Lotus #2”

ljsoal#2Last month, Jeff Hayes raved about Mike Mignola’s latest entry into the world of Lobster Johnson, who he calls an “unapologetic, unfiltered Batman.”

If that first issue is to be any indication, this is a series that should delight new and old readers alike. Between the stellar art and Mignola’s supremely well-crafted story and text, Lobster Johnson is a title which you should definitely get your claws on.




2. “The Bounce #4”

bounce#4 While this series has met with mixed reviews, its exploration of drug culture combined with a compelling origin story have made it an interesting read. Add to that the spectacular art and deeply vibrant coloring work, and The Bounce is a title worth nabbing. The subject matter may not be for all audiences, but if you know anyone who has a taste for the ganje, you will surely find some things to recognize in the character of Jasper Jenkins as he tries to understand what has happened to him. Short-term memory loss will do that…


3. “X-Files Season 10 #2”

xf210#2The first issue of this continuation series launched to great acclaim, and the second issue looks to continue that early success.

While it may not be new-reader-friendly for non-fans of the TV shows, this is a must-read for any X-Phile, as it the artwork captures “the original visual tone of some of the best episodes, utilizing darkness and shadows in tense moments and balancing some very nice emotive characterization based on the real actors faces.”

The truth is out there, right on the shelf of your local comic book shop.


4. “Avengers #18”

avengers18Last week Marvel Comics launched their Infinity event, which continues this week in Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers title.

“Infinity #1″did a passable job of being new-reader friendly according to Capeless own noob, Mai, and there should still be copies of that issue available if you missed it last week.

Hickman has created an interesting opposition for his team of mighty mortals, and it should be intriguing to see how the conflict begins to shape up as they have their first confrontation with the Council.......

5. Spider-Man: Dying Wish (TPB)

Superior_Spider-Man_Vol_1_3_TextlessIf you’re still wondering what all the fuss is about this “Superior Spider-Man” shenanigan, then this is the book for you. Dying Wish chronicles the final battle between Peter Parker and his long-time adversary, Otto “Doctor Octopus” Octavius, as Otto seeks to forestall his impending death by seizing control of Peter’s body and making it his own.

Dan Slott is at his best in this series, showing that he knows full well how to capture the voice and spirit of Parker and also make Otto a character who audiences can find surprisingly sympathetic.

Issue #700 (included in this trade) set the internet on fire, so if you’re behind on your Spidey reading, be sure to grab this ASAP.



We stuck to only one “event” this week, as Marvel’s Infinity has proven to be far more accessible than Trinity War from DC, but the list is filled out with some terrific and controversial titles. Lobster Johnson was easily the safe pick of the week, as one can never go wrong with Mike Mignola, but everything else here has a little bit of buzz surrounding it for reasons that typically boil down to the internet likes to rage. For readers who may choose to stay away from that sphere, these are all great titles which are worthy of your attention.


Thanks for checking out ADVANCE SCOUT! Be sure to check back next week for more recommendations, and don’t forget to share the link below!

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Josh Epstein is the Publisher for the Capeless Crusader website. He’s a lifelong comic nerd, and “Superman” is the first word he ever read aloud. He is also an actor, singer, and resident of a real-world Smallville.

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