ADVANCE SCOUT: Second-Class Citizens and Secret Agendas (5/29/13)


Each week, the Capeless Crew picks out those books that we think are most worthy of your dollars and attention. These books are chosen based on a variety of qualities, including relevance to real-world issues of the day, their sheer excellence as examples of the medium and often with an eye towards the importance of a given book within the context of the comics industry.


We’re coming to you a bit late this week, with much of our leadership team having been tied up at WisCon 37 for the holiday weekend. You will notice that a certain mainstream publisher’s primary imprint has no books listed on this feature. For an explanation as to why, please see last Friday’s editorial from David Jetter. With that said, we have some excellent selections for you today! A pair of Brian Wood X-Men Books, a set of conjoined Clones, and one of the more controversial super-hero books of  last year. Enjoy!


1. “X-Men #1”

XMEN2013001_COVBrian Wood is one of the hottest names in comics.

He has been absolutely tearing it up of late, with breakout books like The Massive and Star Wars.

Now Marvel has handed him the keys to one of its keystone franchises, and he is wasting no time in shaking it up.

For the first time, the book will feature an all-female lineup, something sure to raise its profile among lady comic fans:

Storm, Rogue, Jubilee, Kitty Pride, Rachel Grey, and Psylocke.

It may seem a strange collection of characters, but Wood is at his best when writing characters who are somewhat dispossessed, and every woman on this list qualifies.

What direction he takes the story will determine the ultimate success of the series, but Marvel deserves kudos for giving such an excellent creator a shot at doing something quite different on one of their most important titles.


2. “Clone #7”

clone7cover At first glance, Clone from Image Comics may seem to be just a variation on a theme. Science-fiction has, after all, been exploring the challenges that the first generation of replicated humans will face, but this series touches on the underlying societal questions of stem-cell use, political corruption, and privilege. Get into this now, you’ll be glad that you did.


3. “Death Sentence #1”

Death-Sentence-CoverTitan Comics’s latest offering from Montynero and Mike Dowling, deals with questions of mortality. The seriousness with which the issue is explored is one of the story’s key strengths, along with its enticing art.

For a complete ADVANCE REVIEW, click HERE.


4. Ultimate Comics: X-Men Volume 1

wooduxmvol1coverHow did Marvel know that Brian Wood would be a good choice to pen X-Men? It probably has something to do with his excellent run on this title.

Wood took another female-heavy roster and had it confront some of the worst situations that the Ultimate Universe has thrown at Marvel’s Mutants. In doing so, he demonstrated a command of the respective voices of these characters and did so in a way that provided an engaging and exciting story.

This was one of the most dynamic X-Men tales in many years and is well worth picking up, even if for no other reason than to gauge Wood’s ability to write these characters, as much of this roster will be appearing in his 616 X-Men title.

5. Superior Spider-Man Volume 1

Superior_Spider-Man_Vol_1_3_TextlessWhat do you get when you decide to swap Spider-Man’s brain for that of his greatest enemy?

Depending on which camp you fall into, you either get one of the best Spider-Man yarns in recent memory or you have your childhood destroyed by writer Dan Slott.

Slott has crafted a terrific tale, one which lays bare the question of what makes someone a hero. Even without the controversy surrounding it, this is one collection you will definitely want to read if you’re a fan of ol’ web head.



There’s a lot to like on this week’s list. Each of these books features a real world issue, with the exception of Superior Spider-Man, but that book would be notable for the way in which its release was handled online, even were it not an excellent story. Hopefully you enjoyed our picks, and we’ll see you soon!


Thanks for checking out ADVANCE SCOUT! Be sure to check back next week for more recommendations, and don’t forget to share the link below!

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Josh Epstein is the Publisher for the Capeless Crusader website. He’s a lifelong comic nerd, and “Superman” is the first word he ever read aloud. He is also an actor, singer, and resident of a real-world Smallville.

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