ADVANCE SCOUT: Battling Bowmen, Time for Movement (5/1/13)


Each week, the Capeless Crew picks out those books that we think are most worthy of your dollars and attention. These books are chosen based on a variety of qualities, including relevance to real-world issues of the day, their sheer excellence as examples of the medium and often with an eye towards the importance of a given book within the context of the comics industry.


With Free Comic Book Day (#FCBD) on the horizon this coming weekend, publishers are rolling out a lot of their best titles and reissuing certain keystone books as $1 reprints.

Both of our long-standing favorite archer books are on shelves, hence the title of this week’s column. Both are excellent and provide starkly different takes on characters who have both been accused of being knock-offs of one another.

We kept the picks to four this week, mostly to give our readers some space in their wallets to pick up the excellent selections among those re-releases. When you head in this week, be sure to peruse some of these. You’re sure to find something you like.


1. “Green Arrow #20”

greenarrow#20After DC failed to achieve success with the initial New 52 launch of Green Arrow, they handed the title over to rising star Jeff Lemire. Since that time, Lemire has demonstrated his command of storytelling in the best way possible, by constructing a rock-solid driving plot that focuses on character action and storytelling.

Andrea Sorrentino’s art has been the icing on the cake, providing a visual aesthetic that serves to magnify the tension that Lemire so ably creates on the page.

This title is certified excellence, so go pick it up.


2. “Ten Grand #1”

tengrand#1J. Michael Straczynski is one of the most prolific and contentious figures in comics. You either love his work with a passion or despise it with the burning fire of a thousand suns. After decades working primarily for the Big Two, JMS has returned to Image, offering up an eerily personal tale in Ten Grand. We won’t spoil this excellent title here (wait for the Advance Review for that), but it will certainly leave readers thinking.


3. “Hawkeye #10”

Hawkeye10coverMatt Fraction’s Eiser-nominated adventures of Marvel’s Battling Bowman have provided a solid foundation for what is possibly the best super-hero book on shelves. His everyman take on Clint Barton, along with the magnificent comedy epitomized by Kate Bishop have made this title a monthly must-read. If you pick up only one book this week, you could do far worse than Hawkeye.


4. “Movement #1”

movement#1When Gail Simone’s Occupy-inspired title was announced in February, it was met with a fervent response from all sides of the political spectrum. All that aside, this is a book that readers of this site would be well-advised to pick up. It promises some of the most direct social commentary to come out of a mainstream DC Comics title in a long time and deserves the support of socially conscious comic fans to make sure it continues to be published. With DC still reeling from the fallout of their recent decisions, the publisher sorely needs to rebuild its credibility with fans, and this title could go a long way toward achieving that goal.



We were lucky this week, with multiple books that touch on actual issues hitting shelves and the slew of re-releases making for a potentially (financially) dangerous visit to the shop this week. Every book we’ve pointed out has a solid creative team and something important to say. Hopefully you agree. Until next time…


Thanks for checking out ADVANCE SCOUT! Be sure to check back next week for more recommendations, and don’t forget to share the link below!

Josh Epstein

Josh Epstein is the Publisher for the Capeless Crusader website. He’s a lifelong comic nerd, and “Superman” is the first word he ever read aloud. He is also an actor, singer, and resident of a real-world Smallville.

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