Advance Review: “White Suits #2” Packs Too Much Punch

(w) Frank J. Barbiere (a) Toby Cypress Dark Horse Comics $3.99
“The White Suits #2”
(w) Frank J. Barbiere
(a) Toby Cypress
Dark Horse Comics

Think Transformers 2 when they had battles.

Do you remember watching the screen and wondering what was happening because you couldn’t follow the close up views of way too much action? This is that in pen and ink form.

When the chaos finally calms and the dust settles, you find yourself in a standard Dark Horse world with dark lines and rough edges that look like ink has been poured into the character. It’s unique and signature and that’s good. It reminds you of old Hellboy. Stark contrasts of solid white and one color make characters stand out.

However, that calm gets disrupted with illegible action sequences and poor story line. The character designs were forgettable as was the plot. I didn’t get to read the first issue so I am hoping this is just a fluke. I think it’s trying to accomplish too much and it needs to take a step back and take a second to figure out what it wants out of each issue. I was hoping for a bit more appearance from this legendary group of killers. I think this will be better in trade version but will be frustrating in issue form.



C is for capturing too much action in one cell can cause seizures and confusion.


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