Advance Review: “Pretty Deadly #4” is Powerfully Solid

(w) Kelly Sue DeConnick (a) Emma Ríos (a) Jordie Bellaire Image Comics $3.50
(w) Kelly Sue DeConnick
(a) Emma Ríos
(a) Jordie Bellaire
Image Comics

My first thought when I first picked up Pretty Deadly was that I wasn’t sure about it. That was just because I had only casually flipped through it and couldn’t tell what kind of story I wasn’t going to get into because of the art and the western theme. That was stupid. It is amazing. It is poetry.

In the fourth installment we pick back up with Sissy recovering from almost drowning. She finds herself with Johnny and on the story goes.

This issue is a lot less hectic, and the story line is a little more straight forward and may be at a slow point. Just to clarify, using the term, “slow point” does not mean that this issue is slow. It’s just that Pretty Deadly can be hard to understand at times because of how much is going on. This issue is just not hectic. You still get a solid story that is worth reading. Some extremely powerful things are said in this one, like the others, and the art style brings it all together nicely. If you’re anything like me you’ll be dying for the next installment as soon as you close the cover.

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