ADVANCE REVIEW: “Furious #1”

W: Bryan Glass A: Victor Santos Dark Horse $3.99 - 26 Pages
(w) Bryan Glass
(a) Victor Santos
Dark Horse
$3.99 – 26 Pages

Furious is the tale of Cadence Lark, frequent subject of supermarket gossip rags and owner of newly discovered superpowers! As Bryan Glass describes in his letters column:

Her very name means ‘Falling Songbird.’ Only now she can touch the sky, seeking her redemption as she desperately once fell to ground in pursuit of fame. But of what substance is fame that so many seek its promises with such fervor?

In this issue we get some insight into for what she is atoning, proceeding forward with the best of intentions and paired gracefully with the age old great power/responsibility conundrum. The interesting part that sets Furious apart from ______man is she knows what the road to hell is paved with, to the point that Cadence considers herself the villain of her own story.

This issue also examines the nature of news and information spread in the modern age. Does tabloid journalism hold the same weight or newsworthiness as a respected news agency? Should it? What if the supposed respected source is equally mired in spin, conjecture, and branding? Does the headline matter more than the message? What role does new media like “Tweeter” or “BookFace” play in the spread of news? These are all questions touched upon, and they should certainly play a larger role in the outcome of this story. All too often opinion is mistaken as news, as does fashion and celebrity. In that respect, even if one has the means, is it better to try and make a difference and fail or to fade away once next weeks breaking news pushes you into obscurity?

This first issue is incredibly solid, not only providing an interesting, conflicted heroine setup, but great visuals as well. (I particularly like the dreamy, post-impressionistic movement lines and backgrounds and the visual storytelling accomplished when the creative team starts playing with panel layout.) The added commentary on celebrity, the nature of news media and issues of self identity makes Furious just the type of comic Capeless thrives on! We should all keep an extra eye open if this is the type of original content we can expect to see coming out of Dark Horse this year!

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