Advance Review: “Deadly Class #2” Does Its Homework

(w) Rick Remender (a) Wes Craig Image Comics #3.50
“Deadly Class #2”
(w) Rick Remender
(a) Wes Craig
Image Comics

So I did a review for the first issue (which you can read here) and I raved about the art and how little was said yet how much was conveyed. This issue made up for the terseness of the first issue with plenty of dialogue and set up. The protagonist’s back plot is starting to appear a couple of times and seem to paint a very different picture of the kid. I hope the flesh this out well because I feel like this second issue is setting us up to get mired in the details. Having said that…

Welcome to assassin school, where it’s not just the amount of homework that will kill you. I thought trying to fit in with cliques in school was hard, but at least my life only got threatened on a monthly basis. I like all the different character groups because it’s like an old kung–fu or gangs of (blank) city fighting movie. The art on this is still pretty killer, but it suffers because of how little it needs to convey in this issue. I understand it’s hard to make a lasting plot with no dialogue, so I can see why this issue was a bit more text heavy. I’m looking forward to watching more drama and battles ensue between the various factions within the school and seeing how the protagonist gains comrades while overcoming the obstacles of school life.

Issue 2 isn’t as great as issue 1, however it is still a necessary evil for the story to grow. The plus side is that it still looks great while it makes you wait.

B. B for Biology class which would be a very different experience at assassin school.


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