ADVANCE REVIEW: “Black Science #6” Makes A Bold Move

Advance Review: "Black Science #6" Makes A Bold Move
“Black Science #6” | [W] Rick Remender | [A] Matteo Scalera | Image Comics | $3.50 (print), $2.99 (digital)
The last issue of Black Science ended with a cliffhanger, as Grant literally jumped into danger, enraged by what he suspected was Kadir’s sabotage of the pillar. This issue gives us an answer to the classic cliffhanger question (“What happens next?!”), and more.

Black Science has flaws to it, and those are present in this issue. The characters’ inner monologue is used to convey backstory, mental state and exposition, and the level to which it works varies. Sometimes it is an effective way to keep readers engaged, but too often it feels overly dramatic, with the exposition feeling bloated and dragged out.

Matteo Scalera is a fine artist, but, unfortunately, it seems that his more “blurry” style of art doesn’t suit the book it’s in very well. While his style might help readers feel the chaos of the situations the characters are exposed to, there are incidents where it’s tough to discern what is drawn on the page. When readers have a tough time figuring out what they’re looking at, it causes an awkward pause in the fast-paced action of the book. Furthermore, when we’re dealing with a book that has strange worlds and creatures in it, the art could be used to clarify to the readers what they are looking at, and sadly Scalera’s art looks to have the opposite effect.

Where this issue of Black Science does excel is in its story. The characters here are all in difficult situation, struggling with what to do in a time-sensitive, dangerous situation. Remender manages to make none of his characters purely good or evil, with their motivations unclear (perhaps, even to the characters themselves). But it’s the ending of this issue that really packs a punch. It’s surprising that Remender made this choice, and it shows just how daring Black Science can be at its best.

“Black Science #6” is flawed, but the complex characters and bold story choices make up for its shortcomings, leaving readers with an ending they’ll be pondering until issue #7 comes out in July.

Verdict: 8.5/10


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