ADVANCE REVIEW: “Black Science #1”

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Matteo Scalera
Price: $3.50

“Black Science #1” is a much-anticipated new book. The attachment of Remender (Uncanny X-Force, Captain America) as well as several teasers from Image have raised fans’ expectations for the new release. Unfortunately, “Black Science #1” is off to a disappointing start, with a confusing and vague first issue that is full of action yet very dull.

Black Science tells the tale of a group of dimensional explorers, and issue #1 sees the characters tackle several dangerous situations. We read the internal monologue of one of the group, Grant, while he runs and fights for his life. Remender drops the reader directly into the action, with hardly any exposition. This is problematic in this case, because the reader has no attachment to the characters and is unfamiliar with the world. While the characters are running for their lives and fighting strange creatures, the reader is trying to understand what’s going on and why they should care. Furthermore, the internal monologue that we consistently get from Grant in this first issue is mostly filled with self-admonition related to characters and situations the reader knows hardly anything about.

Sadly, Matteo Scalera’s art style is of the blurry variety here. Perhaps this is related to my own personal taste, but I found the style both unpleasant to the eyes and confusing on its own. It would have been difficult enough to read “Black Science #1” with one of its aspects difficult to decipher, but when both the art and the writing are indecipherable, the reader becomes frustrated quite quickly.

Black Science is a book that perhaps contains interesting potential, and from what Remender has publicly stated he is ambitious regarding its scope and story. But reading this first issue is sadly a disappointing, dull, confusing, and frustrating drudge. This is a book I had hopes for, myself. Now I hope it can get a lot better, quickly.

Verdict: 5.7/10



Asaph Bitner is a staff writer for Capeless Crusader. His other activities include studying for a college degree and dreaming of visiting the Song Of Ice And Fire universe as a future-tech wielding jedi secret agent. You can follow him on twitter at @AsaphBitner.