ADVANCE REVIEW: Alex + Ada #9 – Letting Go

Written by: Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna

Art by: Jonathan Luna

Published by: Image Comics


ADVANCE REVIEW: Alex + Ada #9 – Letting Go
Written by: Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna Art by: Jonathan Luna Published by: Image Comics $2.99

“Alex + Ada #9” adds fuel to the fire, as we get a glimpse of what life is like for the pair during their first few hours of separation. This tense, emotional installment breezes by as the script deftly moves from one compelling scene to another, with creators Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna not wasting a single moment. Luna’s art is still as personal and expressive as ever, providing the perfect visual cue to how a character is feeling and conveying the excitement of a chase.

Like any good romance, this comic has taken its time fleshing out the relationship between the two protagonists. Both characters have been so thoroughly fleshed out that it’s incredibly easy to connect with these people and their plight. Even though they spend all of this issue apart, Alex and Ada both have big developments in their story arcs hit within pages of each other making this arguably the most exciting issue of the series to date.

Luna’s art is subtly crafted and achieves a level of consistency that is more than admirable. There aren’t many comics than can get away with having little action and traditional comic book thrills but Alex + Ada continues to be good precisely because it doesn’t rely on cheap thrills or explosions. This is telling a more deep and personal tale than almost every other science fiction title on the stands. That quality combined with Luna’s easily identifiable and unique art style is what sets this book apart from the pack.

This book is meant to push our boundaries in a profound way. Because, when the biological definition of what is “human” doesn’t work any longer, we’re left with a noticeably large grey area which isn’t easy to ignore. Ada certainly isn’t human in the biological sense, but, now that she has sentience it has become more difficult to assert that she possesses no qualities which we would use to readily identify a thinking, feeling and intelligent member of our species. Individual readers will make up their own minds throughout the series and agree or disagree with the actions of the characters, but the creators have looked on the proceedings in a favourable light.


I’ve really enjoyed Alex + Ada for a while now and this issue cemented for me a lot of the things that I love about the series, on a whole. It’s so easy to grow and evolve with these characters and thus create an emotional connection to the story being told. This isn’t the only comic that unabashedly discusses morals but it may be the best. That’s saying something.

“Alex + Ada #9” earns 8.8/10