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Capeless Crusader’s mission is to provide timely, factual, and insightful news, analysis, and commentary on the comic book industry and related media.

Core Values

#1: Context Is King

What makes Capeless truly different is the depth with which we approach the issues affecting the industry. We examine every story and how it reflects industry trends, social issues, and what it means to our readers. We see it as vital that our coverage provides unique insight into the comic book world and what it means in the real world.

#2: Give The Readers What They Need

Almost every comic book news site on the internet is littered with attention-grabbing “clickbait” and rage-inducing commentary. We see our role as elevating the discourse beyond “DC Sucks! No, Marvel Sucks!” and providing reasonable, well-thought-out analysis and debate on the issues which are of greatest importance to the comic book community.

#3: Our People Come First

Since the beginning, we have been staffed by volunteers. People with real-world jobs, lives, and problems. That means we place a premium on understanding that those concerns will always come first. We will always value the needs of our writers and pick up each others’ slack.


Our people are the most important part of what we do. Meet the amazing writers who make this entire endeavor possible.
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  • Hey guys- would you like to review an awesome zombie comic from Uproar Comics (http://www.uproarcomics.co.uk)?

    • Danny,

      We’re always prepared to look at truly independent books. Shoot me the necessary information at the email listed above and we’ll get on it!